I killed Trayvon Martin

This infrequently used blog has awakened for a timely guest post from Eddie Hatcher.

Eddie in a hoodieI’m a racist. There is no known cure, so best I can hope for is to minimize the symptoms. I’ve struggled my whole life to do just that, but I still can’t help but feel partially responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. I carry this guilt because nothing I do is enough to combat the system I once gladly took part in.

I grew up in a small North Carolina town surrounded by farms and factories. What I learned about racism, I learned hanging out in hunt clubs, on farms, in country stores, and in gun shops. We often talked about race, but never about racism. Everyone knew that racism stopped existing after Integration. In our minds, we were not discriminating against anyone because of their skin color; we were simply describing the way people acted, their mannerisms, language, dress, etc. Nothing about that seemed racist. Sure, the N word was thrown around occasionally, but black people use that word to describe themselves, so we thought it was OK.

Looking back, I think the worst part may have been the “justified” fear. While the words of wisdom demanded that I not talk to strangers, a part of growing up was learning which strangers were safe and which were dangerous. Of all the strangers out there, none were more important to avoid than black men. If you see a black man, check for your exits. Make sure your friends and siblings are close, as they might not have noticed the black man yet. Whatever you do, don’t talk to them. The more of a “homie” they appear to be, the more dangerous they are.

It’s hard to pinpoint all the things that led to me questioning the mentality I grew up in, but I clearly remember a critical turning point in elementary school. It was Black History Month and our librarian, an intelligent, well-spoken woman, was talking to the class about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Like a good white kid, I was brazenly proclaiming my disdain for him. In a display of patience that was no less than heroic, she waited until the class had dispersed and she sat down to have a chat with me. Her first question was simple and direct: “why don’t you like Dr. King?” Since “racism” was not a possibility in my mind, I justified myself by claiming that it was his methods. She continued asking questions about why peaceful marches and civil disobedience bothered me so until the only answers left were, “I don’t know, just because.”

I will never forget the frustration I felt after that conversation 20-some years ago. It burned in me as I scrutinized her questions, searching for logical explanations for my disdain. All my teachers loved me and I got A’s in every subject, yet this librarian had completely stumped me. I thought about those questions for days, weeks. I am still thinking about them today.

I used to think that conversation was the beginning of the end of me being a racist, but now I know that is incorrect.

Of all the speculation of what happened the day that Trayvon Martin was shot dead, one detail of the killer’s story that I do not question is his claim that he was afraid. No doubt he has learned, like me, to be afraid of black men. Florida law says that Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground and defend himself if a “reasonable person” would fear for their life in that situation. No reasonable grown man with a gun would be afraid of a skinny minor, but a racist person like myself would.

But unlike Zimmerman, I take ownership of my fear, my racism. I’m not going to shoot someone because their skin color makes me afraid. I’m going to do the opposite. When I see the “black man in a dark alley” and that childhood fear pops out, I push it down to replace it with a smile and a nod. When people cultivate that fear, innocent children die.

Now that the verdict has been read, I can’t help but be filled with personal guilt. For years I have struggled to own racist upbringing and I have spoken out when people around me say things that demean cultures they know little about. I guess I hoped that my efforts had combined with those of millions of other Americans and that we were moving toward a better world. Maybe I didn’t do enough. Maybe I should have gone to more marches, should have gone to law school, should have been a school librarian. Seeing Trayvon Martin’s murderer go free leaves me feeling hopeless, as though no amount of effort as an adult can undo the damage I did as a child.

I’m like an alcoholic trying to change my life. I’ve walked through the door, but there are 11 more steps and I have no idea what any of them are.

I killed Trayvon Martin.



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  1. doubleinvert

    This was a brave thing to post. Thank you.


    • Pat

      I applaud your courage. You have stepped beyond racism. Thank the good Lord He has gifted you with clarity, sound mind, and discernment. For God cares not about the fragile color of our skin, but the heart of man.

      • nanatoothree

        I, too applaud your courage.

      • As an African(won’t claim American) woman, I, too must say that you have showed a far more mature side by first, admitting your hate toward others. I pray that GOD will help you recover from hate and learn to love all mankind. Please remember that NO ONE has control of their skin color 🙂

        • dee

          Eddie,you just blew my mind..I just saw something,that I didn’t even know it was there to see
          I am biracial and was raised by my white mother,by reading this,i realize what I grew up around,sure my family had”OTHER” colored friends,but the bottom line..when they weren’t around it was, a constant talk of other races…and now i realize,I am teaching that to my kids..my daughter, a black woman,is afraid of her own..how did she become like that? cause i taught her that…wow man! thanks for this post..really truly THANK YOU..
          I don’t think I can undo what has been done,but I can for SURE recognize it,and stop it from spreading to my grand children….

    • valerie

      I think you did a very brave thing! and this message need to pass along!

        • candice lee

          This is deep, I’m glade this open your eyes to see things wisely. It may take some times, but you are taking the next step of leaning right from wrong. We all wasn’t brought up the same some of our parents thought us different from others, but its ok at lease you are old enough to use what the Good Lord has blessed you and that’s comma sense. Keep up with your research you will become more clear in mind.

          God has created all of us made all of us different look at our sizes weight height color how we talk hair we all are just different. He didn’t want us the same he knew how he wanted us.
          You know it a shame how ppl due others just because they have money you know that the love of money is the rule of evil. And yes we live from money due to everything has a price tag on it but in terms due whats right you know deep in you soul when you have done wrong.


      I agree with Connie. This was a very brave thing to post and I thank you for being open and honest. We all deal with prejudice and truth be told, we should all have a moment of self reflection. I have often wondered what role I play in peoples perceptions of me… I come from an urban community where we dress a certain way, look a certain way and we don’t necessarily cringe over the term of Nigga when spoken from someone that we can relate to. Prior to this trial I felt it was necessary to to erase certain speech outside of my vocabulary such as demoralizing “terms of endearment”. I have since brought that a step further by throwing away every song that has colorful language that I feel doesn’t represent me. I don’t allow people to call me anything I feel is in appropriate. We all have a roll to play in this tragedy… thank you for recognizing your part, I hope the rest of us can do the same.

      • I really want to tell your parents off fore programing your mind but it seems reclean I repect that

        • You’d have to go back to his parents parents, and his parents parents parents….back to the system of slavery and jim crow and poverty and lack of education that caused the environment in the first place….

          • Emma

            I agree with Lisa this is a generation curse and some one have too break it and it is starting with Eddie,Thank you Eddie you have a soft heart and God knows it, break this curse,Thank you again, sister -n- Christ ,

            my prayers are with you.

      • Aliasha Chevalier

        This is powerful because it took alot of curious/maturity to publicly state the truth and not point fingers at others (be accountable for one’s self) is an adult. At the end of the day Zimmerman was an adult and Trayvon was a child! I think the comments here doesn’t further victimize African Americans. The conversation that offends people is the one that points fingers and has no resolution/solutions. The conversation this case brought up things that people are not comfortable talking about… and everyone gets on the defensive and start wanting to throw shots at everything that has nothing to do w/ this particular situation. Such as get over it already (slavery/racism), OJ, and Chicago… I mean people give you more time to get over grief a death (opposed to slavery) or a break up with a partner than they would slavery… over 240 years of oppression can not be relieved in 148 years and only around 60 of those are after the civil right movement… so even though we have been free we still have alot off work to do a a race to begin healing those old wounds… and that is why some of us are excelling and others are struggling still! The crazy notion that Trayvon’s parents should take one for the team because OJ beat the system and Chicago high homicide rate is nuts. I doubt the parents could find comfort in either one of those notions. #EddieHatcher to me drives home the point that we all have a responsibility to help and move things ahead. We can not get stuck in believing that everyone is happy and that racism is over because your haven’t hear or call a person a degrading term NI##ER lately. We have to want to hear others points of views, feelings, and knowledge of the topic openly. Each person need to be held accountable for his or her actions. Ideally, we should strive for more as Americans, we must give back, vote other than just for president, break negative patterns, and again be accountable for our actions so that no other child dies this way. No kid in Florida should have an untimely death which also points out the other children dying of similar circumstances or just children period as in Chicago. We should demand changes to remove stand your ground, limit availability of guns, TRAIN neighborhood watch people, and consider the why the court system let’s people in Florida walk away from crimes against children.

      • Tiiz

        While I love the spirit of your reply post to this young man. I would like to reiterate that NO ONE should be required to change who they are for others to drop their prejudices. This country is great for its freedom of choice. It use to be people in leather jackets, people on motorcycles, people who chose alternative lifestyles all were seen in a negative light and in many cases people were scared of them. A hoodie, low pants does not a thug make. We all did some stupid things when we were young. How many lawyers, fireman, professors, etc. are doing the same thing since they were when they were 17? Many of us made stupid choices. How many former hippies and activist are there? Trayvon’s appearance should not invoke violence. Every young impressionable child should be able to innocently explore themselves without having to change for his life to be valued. Walking down the street does not make one a thug; nor does it justify taking a life. While I don’t know if “Thug” emulation was his choice, in time, with the guidance of his parents and good people around him, he would’ve determined that the “Thug” lifestyle was not one to be emulated. I vehemently reject the notion that he should have been gun downed for exploring the notion. How many people have/had Scarface or Che posters. This culture glorifies what it should not and the casualties are seen in the most vulnerable of populations. Who knows what Trayvon might have become. However, his passing has started a national conversation and self introspection. Words and appearance don’t make you dangerous. Actions do. In this case, it was a White Hispanic male that was most dangerous of all. Thank you Mr. Hatcher for continuing the conversation. As an Brown female physician who use to wear her hat to the back, pants down real low (TLC-style) I would like you to know, we too have our own fears and prejudices that we must constantly work toward the sorting of these feelings rather than irrationally reacting to them. Step 1 is admitting the problem. Step 2…talking openly about the problem.

        • Meta

          The ‘thug’ depiction is passed on to any kid, particularly black or hispanic who wears certain clothes. He wasn’t a thug. He was an honor student who liked wearing what famous artist wear. Not unlike…well….most kids. Black kids can’t be ‘kids’. The media pulls the out of innocence at birth. They criminalize even the youngest of us. It’s sad and sickening. He wasn’t exploring anything really. he was doing what most kids do…just being a kid.

    • “Stand Your Ground Declares Open Season on Black Males,” a must hear podcast. See why George Zimmerman’s defense team knew SYG would not work as GZ’s defense for the shooting and killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. This show broke down the three Ws to always ask yourself before using deadly force if SYG would be your defense…GZ knew he didn’t have all three. Knowledge is power, educate yourself on SYG, it may just save your life.


    • i appreciate your honesty.. the only thing different in the zimmerman case vs your scenario, is he had the choice to stay in his vehicle and not chase after trayvon. he chose to disobey the police and pursue trayvon, which i dont think constitutes fear. if anyone was afraid that night, i believe it was the unarmed teenager with a strange man following him. once again thank you for your perspective,maybe someone reading it will learn something.

    • James

      Yes it is . I’m glad I read the post . . . I started not to thinking it was some sarcastic remark. Instead I got an interesting, insightful, courageous and honest statement. – James

    • jazmine

      NAW what you did wasn’t brave, it was overdue

  2. Chris

    Two things, the defense did not use the Stand Your Ground as a defense, and when Zimmerman said he was afraid for his life it was when Martin was on top of him pummeling him. Who owns this?

    I think what I just said is a braver thing to post b/c people will read this blog and only see goodness, in me they see only what they want to see, not truth but racism.

    • Hannah

      If he didn’t stalk the child or pursue him when the dispatcher told him not to, then he wouldn’t have been pummeled. Obviously Trayvon was afraid and rightly so. I would have been afraid too.

      • Pat

        Correct Hannah. And if a Zimmerman or anyone else followed me on a dark night and caught up to arms distance of me, I would have elbowed, kicked, scratched and the knocked the crap out of him too! Trayvon was defending himself against a man with a LOADED firearm ready to shoot. That punk of a man, rather shoot a gun against someone unarmed rather than duke it out. Or better yet keep his ASS in the car and NOT follow the teenager as INSTRUCTED. He is NEGLIGENT hands down. Have an accident and be negligent by carelessness or wrecklessness and somebody dies, MANSLAughter (conviction) – was Zimmerman careless and wreckless? Without a DOUBT. This is so obvious

        • Michelle

          I would have to agree…Zimmerman got away with murder that night — who would have a gun and scream for help?!?!?!?!?! Gun=to having the upper hand and of course Trayvon is not here to say that he was standing his ground from someone who kept pursuing him in the night and not addressing who he was…I would have done the same thing – kicked, screamed, punched, did whatever I could hurt so that I would have enough time to get away — I mean that is what we are taught when it comes to self defense of ourself right? My prayers go out to the city and the family but mostly Zimmerman because although he got of here he still has a higher court to report to!

        • I am so disgusted by that case … how can something like that happen..? How can any any dickheads carry guns in America.. I just feel used the flawed laws to his advantage to get away with the murder of a 14yr old boy.. I am glad I dont live there in America and my little brother either.. it would be so easy for a dickhead to use ‘self defence’ to murder us because we are not the appropriate skin colour… and still get away with ..

        • jazmine

          yall better preach to em

      • Thank you Hannah. That child was defending himself, and wouldn’t have had to if Zimmerman would have listened to dispatcher, waited for police, and not pursued Trayvon Martin. For the record Zimmerman getting pummeled by an unarmed teenager does not justify murder.

        • You guys all seem to be leaving out the details of Trayvon Martin getting all the way to his father’s house and then turning back to walk all the way back to Zimmerman to confront him. He had ‘escaped’ Zimmerman once and made it all the way back to his father’s house. By going back to confront Zimmerman, he wasn’t defending himself, he was ‘settling a score’.

          Are you all saying that if we’re not black, we certainly should not look at someone black or follow someone black because they have the right to knock us down, break our nose and threaten to kill us in ‘self defense’?

          • Sorry that don’t justify murder. You can paint this story pink, purple, and blue. IT STILL DOES NOT JUSTIFY MURDERING AN UNARMED CHILD.


          • He pursued that boy before any of that occurred. Stop adding stuff. He had no business stopping him in the first place. That prejudice prick should have stayed in his car, and waited for the police.

          • Shaneka Dennis

            So Wayne you believe that version right? Lol. Re-read the blog maybe you’ll discover something about yourself you’re afraid to admit.

          • linda

            He didn’t make it home and then came back where did you get that from? Making up stuff to make it sound better? Not going to happened murder is murder!!!!

            • AYGpeaches

              Yes…but we all know that, that is ignorance at its best. I love this man’s post. It shows courage and stamina.

            • He added this, just like they did when they had the nerve to try and assassinate Trayvons character. They will add anything just to get a not guilty verdict.

          • Julian


          • prominentpurpose

            I am sorry but this, your statement of him getting home to his father’s home, is a staunch lie.

          • Ruth Maxwell

            We don’t know if he got to his father’s house and turned back…that’s what George Zimmerman said. Trayvon didn’t tell us that! Think about that.

            • Thank you for clearing that up Ruth. You see how the conversation has taking a big turn. It only proves Eddie Hatcher is a very brave man to look into his own soul and admit he too is a victim of a cruel, ugly system of hate and fear. Thank you Eddie for your courage.

          • Devere

            He did not make it to his dad’s home before Gz confronted him he stopped and turn around and some kind of inter action between the two happened or TM confronted GZ either way the coward of a grown man was apparent he could not handle a teenage minor child so therefore he resorted to deadly force even though the CHILD was unarmed, I guess if your child was shoot and unarmed at time of the incident you would be okay with the person who shot him walking out of court a free man huh!!!!!!!

          • seinna

            the problem with your argument is that there is no evidence at all that supports that Martin turned around and came back to confront Zimmerman, except Zimmermans word- the word of a man already known to lie and a hellava motive to cover his butt. Actually it seems much more likely (just using ones own common sense) that Zimmerman caught up with Martin, and having already called the police as well as being frustrated that those “punks always get away” – and embolden with the knowledge that he had a gun- attempted to detain Martin in some way…leading to the struggle and ultimately Martins death.

          • Crystal

            Not sure where you got the fact that Trayvon got home and turned around to confront Zimmerman. I watched the entire trial and part of the defenses argument was Trayvon should have ran home. He NEVER made it home. It didn’t even happen on the street where he lived. His parents didn’t even find out about it until he never came home.

          • doc

            where did you here anywhere that said he made it home. What do you do make it as you go

          • sir you are a dinosaur from another era.. i have to reread all the comments you made coz it just seems so from a fantasy land i cant really believe what you are writing is real and that you yourself believe in the BS you wrote .. Ive met people like you before therefore I can understand that for you these lies of yours you believe in it so hard and for so long that it has become your reality..

          • ajamu chaminuka

            You are a racist liar. Zimmerman followed him, stalked him and you want to justify it!

          • If he made it home and came back, why would he still have those Skittles and Arizona Tea? If I intended to turn back and settle a score, I most definitely would have left my groceries at home.

          • Someone is following you…you think. Or maybe he isn’t because, well, its a small neighborhood with only three streets. So maybe he’s heading to a house near where you’re headed. You get closer to home, there is he again. Behind you. Getting closer. WHY is he following you? You haven’t done anything wrong. You paid for your evening snack, fair and square. You’re just walking. Wait! He’s entirely too close now, and you’re getting close to home. What if he’s trying to rob you?! You know, like the stories on the news and in the lyrics of songs you’ve heard?! Don’t walk up to your door…then he’ll know where you live! And who would lead danger directly to their home, their family?! Circle around, maybe he’s actually not following you…

          • Rachel

            Thank you for actually posting a fact or two – instead of a “know-it-all” judgment call and opinion – like most others here.

          • Avril

            If someone was on top of me, smashing my head into the concrete, threatening that I was “going to die tonight” I would have shot that person. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a man or a woman, white, black, or any nationality. Physical violence could have been avoided with a few simple words, but words were not the response of choice… That was the choice Trayvon had and he chose violence. Yes, Trayvon was young but he was NOT a child, he was 17 years old and big enough to do adult damage on another human being. He was also old enough to make life changing decisions on his own.

            If *I* were on a neighborhood watch and our homes were being broken into on a regular basis, I would watch strangers walking through my neighborhood like a hawk, especially at night. Zimmerman backed off when the 9-11 woman told him he “did not have to do that” (which they say to anyone who is putting themselves in possible harm.)
            I try to put myself in his shoes for a moment and that very well could have happened to me. My only wish is that Trayvon didn’t have to die for choosing violence over words.

            • Well, my 20 years of “Law Enforcement” (Still Currently Employed). 43 years of being an “American of African Decent”, a veteran and having lived in some of the most crime ridden cities this country has to offer has an opinion. ..here it is!

              Sean Allen

              July 14 via mobile


              No argument. “Just a Trained Point of View”!In “law enforcement” we make decisions based on “Public Safety” and “risk”. Example: it is the policy of most departments not to engage in pursuits that could endanger the public. We do this based on what initiated the pursuit. If the pursuit was based on a “stop sign”violation and goes through a school zone, while children are present, we will discontinue the pursuit. Because giving someone a ticket versus the possibility of causing an accident, which may cause death, The means doesn’t justify the end. There are no laws in this country that says being “suspicious” is a crime. And what is suspicious to you may not be suspicious to a trained eye, such as myself. That’s why Citizens should report their suspicions to the police. The police investigate and come to a conclusion. The investigation was not “Zimmerman’s” job” to do. In the escalation of force, use of force policies of most departments, the force that is used must be reasonable. A 27-year-old grown man, who put himself in a situation, And got his “ass kicked”, does not justify taking the life of a 17-year-old child. If Zimmerman suspected that Trayvon Was equally armed,I’m sure he would not have got out of his car. Also, if Zimmerman was dealing with a full-grown adult male, who he suspected was equally armed, he would not have gotten out of his car. So, the belief that he was not expecting a confrontation is ridiculous. He had no means or right to make a citizens arrest because there was no crime committed. Therefore, it is evident that he chose to place himself in a situation thinking that having a gun would elevate himself. But from what? A 17-year-old boy wearing a hoodie who ” looked suspicious”? There were no witnesses. And if young Trayvon could speak I’m sure he would also argue,”he was defending himself”. If we want to argue fact, wasn’t it a strategy of Zimmermans attorneys not to have him testify because he was linked to “lying” in the past. So his silence,and the silence of Trayvon, from my experience in law enforcement is an Admittance of guilt. The reverse perspective is that Trayvon was guilty of “looking suspicious”, Pursued by a man he thought looked suspicious, who he did not know, defended himself enough that it ultimately caused his death. That’s absurd!

              • Avril

                That’s the problem though, neighborhood watch are just regular UNTRAINED people who are trying to make a difference. Maybe there needs to be a training course for neighborhood watches so that they are better prepared to handle situations like this.

                My point was also this: ANYONE would have looked suspicious if they were walking through my neighborhood at night, in the rain, if I did not know them and my neighborhood was constantly being robbed. Trayvon was being followed and watched, that is NOT a crime, it is a reality. Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, not the other way around. I am a woman, and not all that intimidating looking, but I would not have attacked Zimmerman if he was following me, I would have asked WTF his problem was and had 9-11 on the line incase there was a problem.

                Yes Zimmerman made mistakes, so did Trayvon. So do you, so do I, so does everyone. Zimmerman took a life, I feel that he should have some sort of repercussion for that, but life in jail is not it. Making this a hate crime is also not fair since we really don’t know what was going through Zimmerman’s head.

                Lastly, thank you for your service Sean. Law enforcement is a thankless job sometimes and I know you all sacrifice a lot to do what you do.

                • Neighborhood watch people in “Most” jurisdictions do receive training from the “Police”. That training, just like that of security officers, is to “Observe and Report!” Zimmerman did not do that! The dispatcher told him the same thing. However, at 6ft.1in. 230lb. I think that Zimmerman would only engage me if he had a gun! If Zimmerman suspected that the person he was following was equally armed. He would not have gotten out of his car. No one..I mean not even the Police or Military wants to go up against an equally armed and equipped person or foe!!! Zimmerman only did that because he “Had a Gun”! That action supports the fact that he was at minimum, expecting something violent did occur. Him having a “GUN” would be the final “Word”! It was. The police was the “Absolute” remedy to this issue. But the “Race” issue was most likely the precursor to his action. His mother is Peruvian. I have been to Peru. It is an unknown fact that the latin countries had “African” slaves long before the United States. If you have not been to Peru, I suggest you “Youtube” “Mexico and Peru the Black Grandma in the closet”. Listen to how educators from all three countries talk about the level of discrimination. Discrimination being the precursor for “Racial Profiling.” Your right, there is no crime in following someone… Except for “Stalking” and “Harassment” (Both against Federal and State Law). When you add that to Racism and “Neighborhood Watchmen” with a gun…The end result will be a “Dead Juvenile of Color.”

              • I am a “Gun” guy. I have trained with them and had some teaching time going back years. But I have made lot’s of arrest, supervised thousands of inmates and had lot’s of violent encounters both on and off duty. Never had to shoot and unarmed 17 year old yet, even if they were bigger and larger in stature than myself.

            • Bear

              George Zimmerman was not forced into this situation. The records show he was actually told to back down. He CHOSE to do otherwise. If physical violence was the result of that choice perhaps he should have chosen more wisely as advised by the trained police dispatcher. If George Zimmerman had followed the direction of the dispatcher no encounter would have occurred.

          • Dawn Jackson

            Who said he got all the way to his father’s house and turned around? Zimmerman because Trayvon Martin isn’t here to tell what happened!

          • Triceeypie

            No one said you have a right to get your nose broken, but you don’t have the right to threaten someone based on their color! If Trayvon was white, would Zimmerman had even noticed him? Would he had cared? No! If your not black, you won’t get it! We literally deal with racism on a daily basis! There’s always gonna be someone judging you on how you act, what you wear, the language you use! While some white boys run around doing the same shit, wearing the same clothes, using the same language and its not thought about twice! Racism didn’t disappear after we received rights! It merely became something you keep to yourself or behind closed doors. Trayvon was just proof of that! I’m assuming you would’ve shot him too? Fuck walking away, right? Fuck just kicking him in the balls and punching him out cold? He was a child. Is there no hope for our children?

            • Avril

              Trayvon resorted to violence… he had a choice and he made the poor choice of attacking rather than speaking. In the beginning, I was 100% against Zimmerman and hoped he was found guilty until I took the time to watch the evidence being presented. Yeah, maybe Zimmerman was a dumbass, but all of the evidence backed up what Zimmerman accounted as happening.

              • Mark

                So when does Treyvon Martin get to stand his ground? What do we tell our kids and teens when they are accosted? Bite,kick,scream,and fight for your life, don’t you hear that on those tapes a kid fighting for his life

          • Lynette

            AMEN mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Deedra

              I feel that the prosecution proved it’s case in several areas. The medical examiner (expert for the prosecution) stated that Zimmerman’s injuries were not life threatening “nothing that required more than a bandaid”… Then we watched these filmed accounts of the ordeal as Zimmerman described the incident wearing simple bandaids, hmmm… He gave accounts of a brutal beating, while sporting “Just” bandaids?? What make Zimmerman version so true? What makes it so easy to believe Trayvon was the aggressor? Digest that for a moment..

          • don Feinberg

            Mark, I don’t know where so many people get such misinformation. Must be from FOX news. I read where people have said that Trayvon actually tracked back and confronted George at this truck. Not true. I read where people have said that Trayvon was at his intended destination and then left and went looking for George. Not true. None of this is true and has never been claimed or proven. What is true is that Trayvon was about 20 feet from the house he was going to when Zimmerman was very close by. The last thing that was head was Trayvon asking George “why are you following me” and then his phone went dead. Fact: George gave several different accounts of what happened, including that Trayvon jumped out of the pushed and attacked him. However, that was disproven and retracted because there are no bushed in the area when the fight started. So why would he lie? Seriously, who was more reasonably in fear for their life? A teenager being followed by a stranger in his truck who then got out of his truck and began to follow him on foot and then confront him? According to the only witness, Trayvon was definitely afraid and thought the man following him was weird and up to no good. Or was George more reasonably in fear for his life? I don’t think he was afraid at all or he certainly would not have gotten out of his truck. He was not afraid because he was armed and ready to shoot if the kid gave him any problems. He is not a cop, he was not even on duty as an unpaid community watchman, and even if he was on duty it is against all the rules to be armed or to confront anyone while on duty. There are no ‘stand your ground laws’ or ‘self defence laws’ that permits a person to use those as a defence if the person is in fact the instigator or cause of the attack, regardless of who hits first. And that’s the part of the law that the judge left out when giving her instructions to the jury. She basically instructed them to find Zimmerman not guilty.

          • Ms. Nita

            Trayvon didn’t want this stranger to see where he lived. The adults had gone out. There was a young child in the house.

          • IVORY69


          • Easley10

            You damned right!!! You don’t want to walk up on me like that, I have a carry permit. Zimmerman would have died that night.

          • It was never established that Trayvon ever made it to his door, why would he take a threat home where his little brother was waiting for him? If Zimmerman had not reached into his pocket just maybe Trayvon would not have socked him, Mumma Trayvon was a child and even the police tell you not to reach inside your pockets and if you disobey that simple order they will shoot to kill, Trayvon was justufued in punching Zimerman in the nose, he was a threat to Trayvon have a nice evening

          • Maritza G

            Made it to his father’s house?? Settling a score? When did that come about? Don’t make things up.

          • It’s already been proven his nose wasn’t broken…if you got that one fact wrong, how much more of your story is flawed? No one knows how far apart from each other they were and what score? Don’t be an idiot all of your life.

          • yolonda

            Where did you get your version of the story from

      • Not correct Hannah. We shouldn’t give ANYONE a pass regardless of their skin color to knock someone down, beat them while threatening to kill them just because they were ‘followed’ or ‘watched’. If you’re on ‘neighborhood watch’ then ‘watching’ is what you’re doing. If what you’re watching ‘moves’ then you too must ‘move’ to continue watching.

        The ‘dispatcher’ is not law enforcement and has no authority to tell someone to do anything. The dispatcher probably hasn’t experienced repeated burglaries. GZ had. He was tired of it so he was on ‘neighborhood watch’. The prosecution said that ‘neighborhood watch’ was a good thing. So, is it? or isn’t it?

        If Trayvon was afraid, he certainly wasn’t ‘acting afraid’. He made it all the way back to his father’s back yard. If he was ‘afraid’ he should have gone inside instead of backtracking and confronting GZ. He made it home, but didn’t stay there. No need to go back and pick a fight with an armed man. These are not the actions of someone ‘afraid’.

        If someone is ‘watching’ or ‘following’ you, you ask them what they want. Technically “What’s your problem?” is a way to do that. If TV was offended that he was being ‘watched’ by someone on ‘neighborhood watch’ there are thousands of ways to deal with that besides beating the tar out of somebody, especially if that somebody may be armed.

        • Sunshine Royal

          Did Trayvon tell us he made it home but went back to confront Zimmerman? NOPE. Zimmerman silenced that unarmed teen, so, we don’t know his side of the story. Zimmerman claims he exited his vehicle to get a road name…a road name in a small subdivision with ONLY three roads where he’d lived for 4 years and was the CAPTAIN of the neighborhood watch. You may handle being followed one way but then you are not a 17 year old kid. You don’t know if he was afraid or not or how he was acting. All we know is Zimmerman’s story(ies) because he made sure Trayvon didn’t live to share his with us.
          The neighborhood watch can be the best thing but profiling and stereotyping…not a good thing at all. Especially not when an unarmed teen is killed as a result of it.

          • jaswill

            Thank you! Finally someone with some sense! The only thing people ever discuss is what Zimmerman “said” as though it were facts and he couldn’t tell a lie. There were no witnesses! And according to the medical examiner, who has no claim whatsoever in this case, Zimmerman was Not pummeled. She demonstrated that his injuries were the result of 1 hit. All he had was a broken nose and scratch on the back of his head which she said couldvr been the result of his head hitting the pavement 1 Time! We don’t know how the fight began….only how it ended….death of a kid who was painted as a thug and had no gun. Period! Please stick to all facts….not some.

            • Sharye

              Finally I have been screaming this. I keep hearing people say GZ was beat. This little scratches he has does not justify a beating. Show the pictures where he has some bruising or some discoloration where is the bump from his head hitting the concrete looks more like someone trying to create something but didn’t want to hurt themselves to badly. And where did this “Trayvon went home but went back to confront GZ” come from that just bull.

          • Denise

            Well said, and I completely agree. I am heartbroken and disgusted that Zimmerman, an overzealous, racist idiot has gotten away with cold blooded murder. The residents of Florida should be ashamed of their judicial system for how they continuously fail to protect their children. (i.e. Trayvon Martin, Caylee Anthony)

          • goGraph

            that’s what I’ve been saying….We only know one side of the story. and I cannot believe the ignorance of some of the ppl who are commenting. He had a right to watch approach the kid? why? without any evidence of the KID doing anything. I hate racist people of any race. You are the ones who keep the world ugly. I wish you all would hurry up, and die off.

          • Jeff H

            We cannot base a verdict off of emotions or lack of evidence. It may be morally wrong… but what’s a worst crime– A murderer getting away with it, or an innocent man wrongfully incarcerated?

            Does it suck that we do not get to hear Martin’s side? Yes. But does that mean Zimmerman is lying? Based on the evidence (or lack thereof)? No.

          • So what was he, a TEEEN or a CHILD ? At 18 he could enlist in the military on his own. During WW II many young men enlisted at less than 18 and were sent off to serve. So lets stop with child stuff please. He was a young Man.

            • Jennifer

              Trayvon Martin was born February 5th 1995. He was killed in February 2012. He had just turned 17. HE WAS A CHILD! Do your research before you post!

            • Mark

              If I can’t vote, own a gun,or any other adult activity like drink or smoke, what am I?

        • Shaneka Dennis

          Wrong again John Wayne the dispatcher does have authority.

        • bone

          If he went back to confrot gz why didnt he leave his drink n candy in the back yard why go pick a fight with ur hands full. Dude please the kid never mad it home gz was coach by the defense

        • Did it ever occur to you that he was so afraid he didn’t know what to do…he didn’t what the strange man following him to his house where him & his stepbrother was staying,he knew his father was not there, also he told Rachel he had lost the man & she said he was tired & out of breath,Don’t you see he did not make it home,he was murdered before he could get there!?!?

          • Why didn’t Trayvon call the Police and say he was being followed ? The dispatcher may have told him the guy was a neighborhood watchmen. He had time to talk to Rachel Jental.

            • Because that isn’t his job? Because a lot of black people don’t rely on the police to protect them (as Sanford Police certainly did not do, just taking George’s word for it and releasing him)? Because a crime hadn’t actually been committed, so he wasn’t pressed to call the cops for a non-issue, unlike GZ? Because he was a teenage boy who was caught up all day in a conversation with a girl?

              Why didn’t George Zimmerman just identify himself?

              • Ree

                I’ve been saying that all along. Why didn’t he just identify himself? Why didn’t he say he was neighborhood watch (even though he wasn’t)? He wasn’t afraid of that boy. He was just determined that TM was not going to get away. He said, “These assholes always get away.” I think saying that, plus having that gun proved his intent. He made sure he didn’t get away. He sickens me.

        • how do you know trayvon threatened Zimmerman? were you there? oh…. because Zimmerman said so. no one knows what actually happened. there is only one side. and he had 3 days to consult with his former supreme court justice father before they even questioned him. zimmermen is not the brightest person but he had ample time to be coached…. one main thing people aren’t looking at. police didn’t even knock on doors the night it happened otherwise trayvon wouldn’t have been a john doe for 3 days before his perents were notified…little details lets me know for sure he didn’t tell the whole story and that he more than likely added some lies. they only questioned people who called in to the police after they obtained the call records from that night witch took some time. investigation is even janky in this case

        • I normally don’t comment on topics of this sort…but in this case, I can’t seem to help myself. Mark…as someone who once “made it all the way to my father’s backyard”, and then turned back…I was being chased home by (not 1, not 2, but..) 3 white boys who were carrying baseball bats. As I approached “my father’s backyard”, I remembered the door was locked and I couldn’t get in…..as I turned around (hell yes, I was AFRAID) to “confront” them (what the hell was I going to do to them, I was unarmed, smaller, and terrified), asking “what’s your problem”, and I got the shyt beat out of me, because they didn’t care WHOSE backyard I was in. They beat me, (as I was kicking, biting, and screaming), and I ended up in the hospital for months. I only wish I could have “beat the tar out of somebody”.

        • Eric

          How can you beat up somebody if they’re in their car? Oh wait, you can’t. If he would’ve have stayed in his car, none of this would’ve happened. Let’s go with that story of Trayvon making it home, then coming back out to find GZ. Since GZ already called the cops, in theory, they were on their way. if he stays in the car until they get there, and they see Trayvon “stalking” GZ, Trayvon goes to jail, or the police make him go home. Doesn’t that sound like a much better outcome than what really happened. In science class we all learn about fight or flight when danger arises. Trayvon chose fight and he paid for it with his life.


          Unfortunately, there is only one side to this story. If someone was following me I wouldn’t let them see me go into my house and bring danger to the people inside. Everything you heard was from Zimmerman… the witnesses that said otherwise was discredited because of viewpoint. I dont think this case was all about racism. This case has a lot to do with prejudice and political connections. I think that Zimmerman has a powerful father and the feds wasnt going to pursue the case because of it. I think Zimmerman felt threatened about Trayvon based off prejudice. I think that the fact that you had 6 non african american female jurors to decide a case like this shows the political influence. None of those jurors has a clue what its like to be profiled, to be coming from church or a political event just to be pulled over and asked to have your car searched. None of those women knows what its like to have to change your name on a resume just to get an interview. I think Florida is a republican, conservative state that has showed favor to whites and conservatives repeately. Its the same state where a white man can shoot an unarmed child and nothing happens, yet a black woman that fires a gun in the air as a warning shot gets 20 years…

          Every black man isn’t the same. Every black man isn’t the lazy, ignorant, loud, threatening stereotype that you see portrayed in the media. Every black man isn’t violent. Every black man isn’t docile and won’t allow a stranger to stalk him in a car, then on foot to his front door without an explanation or identification of someone with authority. Every black man doesn’t feel comfortable calling the police because of negative experiences with them. I am not claiming Trayvon Martin was perfect… but Zimmerman had no reason to follow and shoot that man. He had a phone, call the police, take a picture of him with his camera phone or simply be a man and approach him, introduce himself and ask him if he lives in the neighborhood.

        • Ruth Maxwell

          So you just blatantly believe everything Zimmerman said without question. Ok. His lies were proven over and over. Use some common sense. He was trying to get out of a bad situation and it worked!

        • Devere

          Here is another for you if he was on neighborhood watch then therefore he should have not been armed with a fire arm correct that is the guideline of the neighborhood watch so what does that say about him now if neighborhood watch prohibits fire arms while on neighborhood watch, so Mark if you are suggesting that he was on that watch why would he have a fire arm with him during that time which violates the guidelines of the neighborhood watch.

        • Aliasha Chevalier

          Your entitle to feel the way you feel no one can argue that… but if we keep wanting to be right than we can not hear why other feel so strong that they are right! Everything in my life strongly influences the way I feel about the case and that maybe is why we differ in point of view. However, I think we have to take the time and ask question of why so many are divided on the topic… and be open to hearing them out and try to uncover what we as Americans can do to help. I have a young son who I would imagine would come in contact with law enforcement one time or another in his life and especially when he is a teen driver….at that time I figured I would tell him the does and don’t etiquette of behavior in the presence of an officer… call some one and put the phone on speaker, speak softly, keep your needed document handy, never run, and by all means come home. According to Zimmerman.. Trayvon was another one of those who get away… okay who get away?? Right, a black male because those where the individuals involved in the previous thefts in the complex! Mind you Trayvon did have a TV set in hand and had not kicked a door in, or broken in a window so all this is speculation of Zimmerman as neighborhood watchmen. So, now I have to also train my son to be in the presence of a neighborhood watchmen as well? What I am I to say?? “call some one and put the phone on speaker, speak softly, keep your needed document handy, never run, do not walk slow, and by all means come home.” You are to watch and observe as a neighborhood watchmen! I’ve been pulled over for no reason several times for driving while black and I had older siblings who had dogs chase them…because the owners let them out for that purpose… and I also had siblings comforted by others with mental pipes for no reason at all… just because the individuals wanted to do this…so this case makes me wonder was he protecting the complex or was he frustrated because those people get away all the time…. except that day! Why didn’t Zimmerman introduce himself and state that he was from neighborhood watch? Offer to help Trayvon to his apartment before it had a chance to get crazy and such? I worked retail and when you offer help the thieves they are less likely to steal. The person know who I am because I am in uniform in concert with the rest of the people working at the retail store… and I am doing it as I was trained. The whole notion of neighborhood watch is the community band together to help each other and cut cost…because the community could afford security guards and wanted to have data of the crime to report to help in the investigation, and/or prevent the crime from happening. The circumstances change some how wether Trayvon misinterpreted Zimmerman and thought he was up to no good or Zimmerman misinterpreted Trayvon. If neighborhood watch is going to move from watching then we need to pay, provide gun safety training, security training, badges, and uniforms to ensure everyones safety. But that’s really a security guard right??

        • wtf ? the dispatcher has no authority ??? that was common sense doesnt the dispatcher know his job.. if your 14yr kid was murdered or if that kid was white you would be the first to say that is cold blooded murder .. and for your information.. if somebody is coming at you with a loaded gun .. and youre unarmed even if you are ten years navy seal or marine you would be very afraid my friend.. you are just playing around with words to say some BS.. the simple fact you are justifying his actions because you yourself have some kind of problem when it comes to a different race than yours.. meaning you’re a racist in denial.. again have a read of the blog above maybe you would understand something about yourself ..

        • Kay

          GZ, if “in fear of his life” should have stayed in his car or “retreated” instead of “following” or “pursuing” TM. GZ knew what his intentions were, TM did not. GZ should have identified himself as part of the ‘neighborhood watch’ BEFORE approaching TM. And just like the 911 operator, GZ has NO AUTHORITY to do what he did. NO ONE of ANY color or race would tell a STRANGER what they were doing or why they were doing it…NO ONE! Also, could someone please explain how ANYONE without a gun, can get close enough to a person WITH a gun to knock that person down, and slam his head against the concrete? TM didn’t know GZ had a gun…how could he? Let’s not forget that GZ, his wife and Sister lied about having the means to make bail at the first bail hearing. They collected almost $200,000 via the web to pay for his legal fees and all lied UNDER OATH about it. His Wife was sent to jail, and his bail was revoked after this came out. So I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING that came out of GZ’s mouth after he has already been caught lying UNDER OATH!!!

        • Harold Melvin

          You also know then as part of a neighborhood watch that you should be unarmed and when you are told to back off and let the police handle it you do just that. The fact remains that Mr. Zimmerman followed Mr. Martin because of profiling, he thought Mr. Martin was of a class of people that didn’t “belong” in that neighborhood. That is that “R” word you are very apprehensive to admit to.

          • Carol Martin

            Ummmm weapons are legal in the US. That’s a fact. They are allowed. If you don’t like it, contact your state rep. Don’t turn this into racism.

            • Mark

              They are legal but laws vary state to state, and a Neighbourhood watchman should not be armed.

            • april

              Yes Carol Martin weapons are legal so it was ok when that White Man killed those children at school and all The other shootings that I see on the news everyday by a White man killing his family or some strangers that are White as well. If we all are not racist we would realize MURDER when we see it. Believe me this will happen again but it will be a White child by a white man will it be murder then?

        • Sharon

          Here you go again, HE DID NOT MAKE IT HOME. First thing first, neighborhood watch is just that watch ” see something say something. and that is all they are suppose to do. the cop wannabe decided to make a move. Please think about it, Maybe you live in box, or believe leave it to beaver land reality. but presently, people are robbed, shot, rape, assaulted by someone following them. common sense. please. it was murder, Did Trayvon fell threaten? being followed, Wrong question was asked of the jury.

          • Avril

            Ummm, how did Zimmerman make a move? He followed and watched… that was his responsibility as a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN. Trayvon attacked him, Trayvon had the bloody knuckles, Zimmerman had the bloody nose, scratched up skull and drag marks on his jacket. Speaking of “living in a box” did you NOT watch the court hearing with the actual EVIDENCE?

            • Trayvon did not have bloody knuckles, stop it. He had a mild abrasion on his non-dominant hand. No one showed drag marks on his jacket. Funny that you are imploring for people to cite actual evidence, yet you made your own up.

        • You need to see a psychologist for your severe case of racism!

        • april

          You do not know if Trayvon went back to attack, We already know from the trial Zimmerman is a liar and if Trayvon made it home then Zimmerman was actually in his yard w/ a gun. Now time to STAND HIS GROUND and whip Zman’s butt. Think about it

      • Marsha Todd-Evans

        Yes, Thank you Hannah. I don’t get this attitude that a black man or a young child cannot fight for themselves when physically frightened or intimidated. This just makes me think of the old “keep eyes downward, speak when you are spoken to ‘boy’, and do what you are told” plantation expectation, even if it may mean your life!

      • Anika

        Thank you Hannah, the thing is with these ppl for some reason they think only they have the right to be scared and not Trayvon, just because he’s black and talking but the truth, this is so ridiculous and unbelievable.

      • KnowlegeFallsDarkness

        Wow! Did you even watch the trial?

      • Carol Martin

        He’s was keeping an eye on him. Perfectly legal. He’s the neighbourhood watch. And there was crime in that area and the boy fit the description.

        • Ree

          Fit the description? Young and black? That’s the description of the majority of men in my family. None of them are burglars.

          • Clara DeLay

            I think she means “he fits the PROFILE” not the “description.” There is no logical way to counter that ignorance, which is based on denial.

    • Felicia

      Yes, Zimmerman used self-defense instead of a Stand Your Ground defense, however the Stand your Ground law was read into the juror instructions – so it still had a part in this Black comedy (pun intended) that gets more comical as each day passes. In trying to distance themselves from juror B37, one juror commented they were 3-3 at one time during deliberations, but all finally decided Trayvon Martin played a part in his own death because he could chosen to walk away instead of fight. Um, isn’t that what he was doing before he was followed and confronted by a man with a gun? And how did he know that if he had ran at any time during the scuffle, that he wouldn’t get shot in the back? None of us will truly know what happened that night, but how would you react if you were walking alone on a rainy night in an unfamiliar area and some guy was following you? My late father used to say never let anyone take your life – fight for it until the very end. That’s what Trayvon Martin did.

    • Kapz7

      Two more things, the defense planted stand your ground in the minds of the jury pool for months before the trial started so they didn’t have to “use” it during the trial it was all ready ingrained in the minds of jurors. One of the jurors spoke openly about it during a nationally televised interview.

      Self defense is available to all people, not just white people, so is it possible that this teenage kid was standing his ground when he turned to face this stranger that followed and attacked him? I know, I know, there is no evidence that George Zimmerman attacked Trayvon Martin, because all of the information that we have about who started the fight came from the killer himself and we always believe the killer in murder trials right???

      You sir are not brave, you’re just sadly and proudly ignorant. This kid is dead and never coming back, I wonder if you would be so cavalier if it were your own child lying dead on the street.

    • Q

      He didnt say that they argued Stand Your Ground….but the jurors took it into consideration as they openly admitted. Two things…Zimmerman got out of the car and followed after being told by the appropriate athourities not to, and as a result Martin is dead. It doesnt matter if Martin ended up fighting him. If he had done as he was instructed he wouldnt have been in the altercation. WHO OWNS THIS? Not you, or Zimmerman, or the defense. There is no truth in your perspective…onlly what Zimmerman said.

    • @ Chris: A word on the issue of the Stand Your Ground law as defense in the case: The defense was very clever in not officially declaring the use of that law as defense, but the defense cleverly argued the case from that ‘concept at every opportunity. Given this was both a concept and a law, the defense had only to speak of the concept in order to get the jury to deliberate from the Stand Your Ground law…the defense therefore, never needed to officially offer the law as defense.

    • Trayvon would not have had an opportunity to get on top of Zimmerman if he followed the directon of the real law enforcement officer and stayed (protected) in his car and not pursue a child who was also in fear for his life. A life which a racist didn’t think much of. If Zimmerman had not pursued an innocent kid with a gun,he would not have gotten his ass kicked as he claims, by someone in fear of their life and Trayvon would be alive- Bottom line! Please answer me this: If Trayvon was all on top of this murderer and beating him as he claims, where is the DNA to prove he ever touched him. There was not any on either one. There is a bullet and the position of the body to prove this gun crazed, wanna be cop murdered an innocent kid while he was standing in front of him. I’m convinced it was due to his dress and the color of his skin. If not, you should also be afraid of that psycho Zimmeman.

    • that’s because if you start a fight and wind up on the bottom, a real man would just take his ass kicking not kill the boy of a fight he started.

      • goGraph

        Yup! but not a man who don’t see another human. I feel that what he saw was just what he said, a punk. as if the kid was a nobody and had no family and no one who loved him, and he lived on the streets with the rest of the other black ass thugs in the world. If he saw a human being, he probably would’ve approach him in a different manner.

      • Aliasha Chevalier

        I agree take the beat down like a man! If it even happen that way. I really do not believe Zimmerman at all to be honest! He killed the witness and it is his word only!

      • thats exactly what i think happened he started a fight he lost .. he had a gun he murdered him like a coward that he is

      • pcjunkie48

        So you think GZ should have just let TM kick the shit out of him?Funny how all the comments in here make TM out to be the victim,isn’t TM the one that was pounding GZ’s head into the concrete? Yes I can see racist bs in here and it seems to be coming from the people defending TM

        • None of George Zimmerman’s injuries support his head being pounded into the concrete. It supports a scuffle and getting punched once or twice, that is it. Do you always take a defendant’s story at face value, or is this a special case? If a woman clawed at her rapist and left a couple of marks, would her rape then be invalidated? Trayvon Martin was being aggressively pursued by a stranger at night, and it makes sense for a reasonable person to suspect that the guy who jumped out of his car, knowing he had a gun, probably also initiated the confrontation. Also, Trayvon was on the phone leading up to all of this…does no one want to acknowledge Rachel Jeantel’s testimony and phone records?

    • linda

      Fact is he wouldn’t have been afraid if he would have left him alone like the 911 dispatcher told him and don’t you think Trayvon was scared of some crazy looking man following him while he was minding his own business? Trayvon had the right to fight and protect his self from someone stalking him in the streets now who was really scared not Zimmerman the man with the gun. Truth is if Trayvon was white he would be alive today.

    • Actually, the jury instructions were identical to the jury instructions given during early SYG trials. They were told if they believed Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground they had to acquit. No one defended or supported Trayvon’s right to stand his ground though he was the unarmed one approached in the dark by a stranger, with a gun, that was cocked and had the safety off.

    • john

      The jury used stand your ground…

    • prominentpurpose

      What most white people fail to see is that this child was racially profiled, stalked, and killed with the fervor of a vigilante. No intelligent person will ever question someone’s right to defend himself. But how is it self-defense disobeying a direct police order, leaving ya vehicle, and tracking ones “game”. This isn’t self-defense, it’s a hunt, safari excursion to incite and provoke violence. Zimmerman could’ve stayed in his vehicle, just as much as Trayvon, by juror “wisdom” could’ve walked away. However, by his words, “these assholes always get away.” He knew what and who he was referring to: a “black” person. White people use law, statistics to aid their misunderstanding, support fears that are, most times, unjustifiable but indicative of a heart and a psyche shaped by a repetitive, consistent cycle of violent history towards black people. “Truth” is many in white America felt safer that a “black threat” was forever neutralized. One thing they failed to see is that they further solidified their own humanity and inhumane thinking, finding it appropriate to free one whereby others who commit similar are imprisoned, killed, wiped off the planet with a legal system that is draped in double standard and a mantra that says White America “your fear, racism, and how your deal with it is justified.” It’s disgraceful living in a country where citizens justify immorality from a legal perspective and deny the moral because it doesn’t tie into the legal thinking, sickening! People won’t search their hearts to try understand other human beings, justifying their prejudice in complete refusal of what is a deeply rooted heart matter for themselves and those of their tribe.

    • I respectfully beg to differ with you on your first statement about Zimmerman being afraid when Trayvon was on top of him and pummeling him. Not only did Zimmerman bring a gun into the equation, he also brought with him some experience in the practice of martial arts, a form of experience Trayvon clearly lacked. So how exactly was Trayvon to attack this grown man who was and still is larger than Trayvon was, except maybe in height (Zimmerman was no where near as large in body mass as he is now) however, Zimmerman had the ability to contain the situation without even using his gun. With that being said, it still puzzles me that you, Zimmerman, and others, keep saying Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman. We will never know the real truth; however, it stands to reason that if Zimmerman practiced martial arts, he should have been able to handle an UNARMED teenager whether he was afraid or not.

    • Scott Zwartz

      Nonetheless, the judge gave the jury the Stand Your Ground instruction. When the judge gave the Stand Your Ground instruction, she omitted the fact that Trayvon was within his own gated community on the common lands — that means Trayvon was lawfully on his own land. Zimmerman, on the other hand, did not live inside that gated community, nor did Zimmerman work for a private security firm which had contracted with the Association. Legally, Zimmerman was a “stranger” and a trespasser.

      Thus, under Florida law, prosecution (on behalf of the deceased Trayvon Martin) was entitled to a jury instruction which said that when Trayvon was stalked by a stranger while on his own property, Trayvon had the right to Stand his Ground and to use deadly force if he were reasonably afraid. The trespasser with a gun may not assert Stand Your Ground while he still has the gun and is trying to murder the other person.

      The prosecution was grossly incompetent. The attorneys know in advance which jury instructions the judge will give and these jury instructions which this judge gave were absolutely atrocious.

      Eddie should mail a copy of his article to the judge.

    • Chris
      You only wrote these words of hate so that people would call you a racist.

      We already know that so we will not satisfy your thirst to upset Black America. Since you, like your other ignorant low life scum brethren, choose to start this entire incident at the fight scene, and totally IGNORE, that Trayvon was unarmed, didnt know Zimm, never called the cops on Zimm, Never followed Zimm, because all TM saw was another human,,,Yet that human, turned the moment into fear, and death….The Price you pay for buying candy sometimes when youre black,,,,Seeing trayvon at the 7-11 store, looking every bit like a teen, not suspicious, no fight, no cops called by the worker,, I guess 7-11 has never been robbed before by black people, lke Zimm’s complex, huh Chris ?????

      So fool, low life bastard, yes we know you are a racist, you can be proud !!!!! But always remember to also be a f–king Punk,,,,,because my people have a few Racist also, and I sure hope, we catch you B*tch az one day…..

      Hide behind your computer, and continue to tell your fight scene only version of the Murder of Trayvon Martin,,,and pray your fggt az aint next !!!!!

    • Grey

      I have to agree with Chris. One prosecution witness, Martin’s friend, testified that he told her on the phone, “I’m home, I’m home.” Another prosecution witness testified that five minutes later, Martin was AWAY from his home, on top of Zimmerman beating him up. That’s not a “vicious lie,” as some of you have claimed in your responses to Chris’ comment – that is testamentary evidence presented at the trial BY THE PROSECUTION.

      Racist stereotypes don’t just magically develop in a vaccuum. That’s an uncomfortable truth that black people don’t want to hear. Being followed does NOT entitle someone to cast themselves as a “victim,” and it does NOT give them an excuse to seek retribution or “payback.”

      Did Zimmerman make errors in judgment? Yes. But Chris is correct. Zimmerman’s mistakes do not justify Martin’s retaliation. To focus on only one side of this tragedy, and totally ignore the other side of the tragedy, is to do a true injustice to the entire situation.

      Black people say that white people “don’t like to hear uncomfortable truths.” That sword cuts both ways. Black people don’t want to hear that Martin was every bit as much of an aggressor in this situation. If we’re going to expose the “uncomfortable truths” here, then let’s expose ALL of them, on BOTH sides.

      • Myra

        Please post a link that supports your claim of Trayvon Martin’s friend testifying that he said “I’m home”. If what you claim is accurate, that statement could be interpreted to mean “I’m almost home”. I make such statements (I’m home) to my family by phone when I am approaching from as far as a half mile away.

        • Grey

          Why bother to post a link? First of all, it’s public knowledge and has been reported numerous times. Second, you’ve already said that you would dismiss that testimony because it “could be interpreted” to mean something else than what was actually said.

          You’ve already set yourself up to discredit and disregard anything that disagrees with what you think.

          • Myra

            I have followed this case closely and have only been made aware, by YOUR POST, of any statement by Jeantel that he said this. No legitimate post = your misinterpretation and/or spreading misinformation.

          • Ree

            LOL… You have no link. Stop making things up.

      • jayrea

        Funny that you mentioned that some are forming their opinion on one side of the story. Don’t forget, we only got one side of the story and that’s Zimmerman’s side. Trayvon has no way of telling his side of the story because he’s dead! So you too are basing your thoughts and comments on one side of the story.
        And you’re right, stereotypes don’t magically appear…white media have been portraying blacks in a negative fashion since forever. Remember the little black piccaninny (black paint) eating watermelon, Aunt Jemima in slave clothes, Uncle Ben looking like a “good slave”.
        And just as whites have negative stereotypes of blacks, so do blacks of whites. The difference is the whites opinions are based off of what’s taught them (just like Eddie explains) and what they see on tv. The blacks live daily being followed and profiled and treated differently than other races.
        Yeah, there are bad blacks, but there are good blacks too. There are bad whites. They’re called “white trash” and somehow we think they’re not included in the white race. What the media is not telling you is that the good blacks far outweigh the bad blacks. White America just likes to focus on the bad ones. If you base your opinion of blacks from the news or tv then there’s another one sided and uninformed opinion you’ve made. Get some black friends.
        Unless you’ve lived as a black person, you have absolutely no right to tell them what they should think or how they should feel. You know nothing about the plight of a black person in America.

        • Grey

          I don’t know what it’s like to live as a black person in America. But I do know what it’s like to live as a Jewish person in America. I have had my home vandalized, and hate speech spray-painted on the outside walls of the house. I have had a brick thrown through my window just for displaying a hannukiah. I have been fired from a job because I went to a client site and the client saw an Israeli flag bumper sticker on my car and complained to my company about it.

          “Get some black friends.” I’m sure that if I did point out that I have several black friends, your response would be, “don’t presume that ‘some of my best friends are black’ is valid…” People like you will always have some other reason, some other requirement, some other special “thing” that excuses behavior just because “nobody else can possibly understand what it’s like.”

          That is a bogus argument. If you want us to disregard Zimmerman’s side of the story just because it was the only side presented in court (which, by the way, it wasn’t), then you are basically arguing that no court case involving a death can possibly ever be fair, because the dead victim will never be able to speak for himself or herself. You are proposing a complete reinterpretation of our legal system with regard to trials involving a homicide. Not gonna happen.

          You talk a lot about stereotypes. But you still refuse to take ownership of the fact that black people contribute to the development of negative stereotypes about themselves. Until you are willing to look at both sides of the issue yourself, you are in no position to be lecturing other people about it.

          • Myra

            Then are YOU willing to take ownership of the behavior of Jewish people that contributes to negative stereotypes about yourselves? Even while typing this, my mind is rebelling against the absurdity of such a question.

  3. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this. White people didn’t ask for racism, but we all have it- every white person in this country. Until we own that, more of this insanity is going to continue. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honesty.

    -another racist white person struggling to be honest

    • NIC

      Jamie, as a person of color I applaud your honesty 🙂

    • …and thank you Jaime J–we cannot have too many anti-racist racist in the mix! Blessings to you…

    • prominentpurpose

      I can applaud your honesty too, but you can do more than admit it. You can change, starting with searching your heart, your mind, and treating people with the same respect and benefit of the doubt that you warrant. Until you do these things, your admission means nothing. It just affirms what you have always known.

    • Scott Zwartz

      The essence of racism is judging people by some irrelevant characteristic rather than by their individual character. It sounds so nice to claim that all White people are racist, but such a comment is racist. Judging an individual’s personal morality based on the group to which he/she belongs is the definition of prejudice.

      Schindler was a Nazi. Jerry Sandusky was a hero for helping young boys. People were blind to Sandusky because he was seen as a member of the University. Judging people by the group to which they belong denies the individual person his unique humanity.

      Also, a lot of silliness which is called racist is not. Whites who spend little time with Blacks are known not to be able to distinguish Blacks from each other too well. The problem is worse with Asians. On the other hand, the same is true for Blacks distinguishing Whites and Asians. I have a Black cousin who has trouble distinguishing Jews from non-Jews. None of this is due to racism, it is due to lack of experience.

      Many White, Black and Asian Americans do have false ideas about each other. Some of the misconceptions can be called racist and others are not racist. They are inadvertent misapprehensions which they would shed as soon as they become aware of them.

      One thing seems clear to me. The power structure operates in a fashion which treats minorities as second class citizens or worse. I’ve been around watching this situation since the late 1950’s from one end of the country to the other. The courts in particular are racist, with a few exceptions. Many of the people trapped inside these corrupt institutions feel powerless to fight the system and thereby become part of the system.

  4. Jaime J, not every white person has racism in their hearts or in their minds. I am a white woman, well over the age of 50. I don’t see color and don’t understand those that do. I see people, not people of color, just people. Why is that such a hard concept for others to understand? We are made in “God’s image.” Do you and others that claim to “own” your racism believe that there are different Gods that made different people? Do you believe that there are different heavens? I appreciate your attempt at being honest, but perhaps you should work less on your honesty and more on you acceptance.

    • The concept is hard to understand because when we say that we see people, but don’t see their race or their culture what we’re actually doing is being racist. You and I see the world through white, european-ancestral, eyes; the eyes we’ve gained from being born into and living a lifetime in a society and culture built around white, european, and christian ideologies. When we say we “don’t see colour, we see people” we’re actually diminishing the experiences of our non-white (and non-Xtian) brothers and sisters and denying them the cultural roots, traditions and practices they may (or may not) hold close to their hearts.

      Not everyone believes in God, not everyone believes we are made in God’s image – you and I might believe we are, but we deny the diversity of beliefs, cultures and ethnicities that have made up our Canadian and American cultures since their foundation when we assume everyone else does – because we see everyone else as automatically embracing our worldview (a white, western european one) regardless of who they are racially, culturally or religiously. Some folks out there do indeed believe different God(s) have made different people and that different afterlife experiences await them; others don’t believe in any God at all and its all cool as far as I am concerned as long as people live in a way that helps the world become a better, healthier place.

      Racism is so much more than just whether you and I are white and Bill and Sam are Black. It’s an institutionalized process whereby we have allowed a world to be built in Canada and the United States that is inequitable in access to resources and opportunities for anyone who doesn’t fit the “established” privileged group which just happens, in our countries, to be primarily made up of white, european-descended people.

      We white folks have had it good for hundreds of years; we have the “privilege” of being part of the dominant cultural group that created the culture and society we live in here in Canada and the US. We have made a system in both countries that ensures we white folks have opportunities for jobs, healthcare, and access to social and community resources ahead of our Indigenous cousins, African-Canadians/Americans, Latinos and a host of other non-white/non-euro people who may (or may not) have actually been born within our country from families who have been here since our countries were founded. Challenging racism means challenging that institutionalized inequities in education, in health care, in economic status, in all the areas that we have held privilege in our countries since their founding and creating equity for all people who live and work in our countries.

      • Nikki

        Beautifully said David! I am a Black woman, who as far as I know, ancestors have been in this country since it was founded. I have never felt like I am an “American.” Yes this is my birth land and the only “home” I know but American has a great way of making you feel like an “other.” It bothers me when people say “I don’t see color,” well, I do but the color of a person’s skin shouldn’t be the determining factor of their character.

        I do my best not to pass flash judgements about people because of their color or creed. I am by no means perfect but I really whole heartedly work on judging a person by their actions and character and not their phenotypical features.

      • SB

        David, your insights are spot on. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As an African-American woman who is proud of my culture I’m offended when White people (however well-intentioned) tell me they “don’t see” or “don’t think of me” as Black. Why not? What ‘s “wrong” with being Black, such that I need someone to pretend it isn’t there, when it shapes my lens, my experiences and my viewpoints? American history is what it is. Proud. Shameful. Exclusionary. Integrated. Most of all it’s collective and we all own it, not as apologists for the past but with the recognition that our past has bequeathed certain legacies to us that affect how we treat each other NOW and going forward. Until we’re open and honest and can have a genuine dialogue concerning the historical inequities that continue to drive huge disparities in education, health care, employment opportunity, and Constitutional protections among Americans based on race our nation won’t and can’t heal.

      • @David Kole: Bravo! So well said…so well explained…power to you!

      • KC

        I say it all the time in conversations about race. I don’t say it literally. Obviously I can see if someone is black or brown or whatever they are. I mean it figuratively, the same way someone means “you are the wind beneath my wings.” People do not have wings, nor are they capable of transforming into the wind. It’s a figure if speech intended to express a feeling of not caring about someone’s color. I judge a person by their actions and their actions alone. Not by their color or culture or what have you.

      • Shari

        @ David Kole- This right here. Thank you for saying this so very eloquently.

    • Eddie Parker

      I did not kill Tryvon Martin, Christine said, when I go out I don’t see colour I see people, I was never taught to be rascist. But I do see people that press the issue both ways, We are reaching a point in our lives that it should not exsist. I think we believe in one all mighty it may be called something different, but the same. Why are we soo ready to blame a race for someones crimes

    • Myra

      Christine, you are a rare White person. Racism is taught. I was taught it, and had it reinforced in countless ways. The key is to accept that this unconscious or reflexive response exists and to challenge it.

    • prominentpurpose

      Christine, let’s be truthful, everyone sees color. God sees color because He created colors, us, all. He sees hue not in the context of man but to say you don’t see color is, in fact, saying you do see it.

      • I’m white, I’m from the south, I was raised with racism, and I did not kill Trayvon Martin. I applaud the intent of this piece and I admire the writer for making himself vulnerable, but I think it is overly simplistic. Worse, I think pieces like this could unintentionally do more harm than good by driving a greater wedge between blacks and whites, particularly in the south. There is racism. Black people are profiled. There is white privilege. I do benefit from it, whether I intend to or not (or whether I am even aware of it.) I do not deny or excuse any of these things. But I am not a racist, and I am not a killer — and even the most ignorant, hate-filled, N-word spouter isn’t any more responsible for Trayvon’s death than the criminals who put Zimmerman on alert and made him feel like he needed to protect his neighborhood. If there is someone in this country who truly bears the secondary responsibility for that horrible night, it’s the guy — whatever his race — who was breaking into houses in that neighborhood. In ANY neighborhood. I am white. I am from the south. I do SEE and CELEBRATE color. I raise my children not to be color blind, but to be color ambivalent. My children are white, but had a previous engagement worked out, they would have been black. I do not equate my experiences with black-on-white racism with white-on-black racism, but I do appreciate some of what black people in America go through because I lived in a majority black city (Memphis) for several years and I was engaged to a black man then. I received many hateful comments from people in the black community. I got pulled over by the police for being white in a black neighborhood, because they said I looked suspicious. I say this only to illustrate that people are not –pardon the pun — black and white, we are not simply good and bad. We vary, minute by minute, day by day. Trayvon was not all good. Zimmerman is not all bad. People — human people — make bad choices, and we are more likely to make bad choices based on erroneous assumptions when we don’t take the time to know, and love, people who seem different from us. And we are more likely to avoid those relationships and those conversations when we think going in that we will be typecast into the “bad” role because of factors that were well beyond our control. This is true of any human, regardless of race. No black man wants to walk into a room where people will suspect him of criminal behavior – he’d rather just avoid that situation. Likewise, no white man wants to walk into a situation where people will assume he wants to oppress others. He’s just going to avoid that situation — and then 20 years from now my children will be dealing with these same issues because we will not have progressed. If we really want to change the race problems in this country — and I for one desperately do — we have to start talking, but we’re not going to do that with all this kneejerk burden-bearing and finger-pointing.

  5. Christine,

    I often encounter white people who bristle at the idea that all white people have learned to think about and treat different groups of people differently based on race/ethnicity. Here’s how I see it:
    We grew up in a racist society (at least if you were raised in the U.S.), were taught a lot of things about different groups of people that are often not true, and we act on those lessons whether we realize it or not.

    I have worked on this stuff a lot and I still have friends of color who will call me out on stuff and I’m always shocked because I had no idea a)I was even doing whatever it was or that b) it was really offensive and hurtful to them.

    White people have the luxury of saying we don’t “see” color. People of color don’t have that luxury b/c they are often treated differently b/c of their skin. There are countless research studies that show our (white people’s) engrained and often unacknowledged bias against people of color.

    It doesn’t mean all white people are bad. I think that’s often why white people get defensive on this topic. It doesn’t mean we are bad people. It means we learned a bunch of messed up stuff as we grew up in this country and we act it out all the time, often without knowing it.

    White people can choose to learn to identify the thought patterns (shocking how many there are once you start to pay attention) and reject them and move towards being less racist, but pretending like we’ve somehow magically escaped socialization doesn’t make someone not racist.

    Acknowledging racism exists and that we might have gotten some of it on us doesn’t mean we agree with it or like it. I don’t believe in heaven but I do believe we are all born perfect and innocent and good. Babies are not born with prejudices against anyone. We learn them.

    I encourage you to read this: http://www.amptoons.com/blog/files/mcintosh.html

    And Tim Wise has written a lot on the topic of white people unlearning racism.

    Happy to be having this dialogue with you…


    • I absolutely disagree that all white people were taught to treat people of other races differently; I think it needs to be taken into consideration that it is a little different for white people growing up in racially and culturally diverse communities or for white people growing up in communities with a majority of black people. In fact I find it a little racist to say “all white people are like that”. I am white and grew up in St. Louis, MO, and attended a high school with mostly black people. In fact, I think ever since I began in the University City school system it was drilled into our heads that people should not be treated differently because of race. My white friends and I celebrated black history month with pride and thought of Martin Luther King Jr. as a civil rights hero, along with our black friends. This has not resulted in a claim of colorblindness, but an appreciation of the many different cultures that are often associated with many different races. I don’t think that in order to be NOT racist one has to be colorblind (I don’t claim to NOT see color).
      That being said, I am not claiming that I am absolutely not racist. Everyone has racist thoughts from time to time. But I think that this has more to do with the fact that we are surrounded by a historically racist society than the claim that all white people were taught to think that way. I certainly was not taught to think that way by my peers while growing up.

      • Hi arollins1,

        I think the result of us being “surrounded by a historically racist society” means that we are taught things ALL the time about what it means to be White, misinformation about people of colors, etc from so many other sources than just our family or friends. I think even if we grow up in culturally diverse areas in progressive white families, the messages still get in there.

        I was raised by white liberal parents in the California Bay Area, am totally committed to social justice, focused on eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities in my graduate work, etc. I think of myself as a white person working to eliminate racism.

        So, this morning, as I was driving to work, I saw a non-white man (African American? Latino?) stopped on his bicycle and he was pouring something into an opaque container. My first thought? He’s pouring alcohol into a different container so he can hide it. Mind you, it’s 7:45 in the morning.

        I got closer and saw that he had a fancy coffee drink that he was pouring from the plastic cup into his coffee tumbler. Sure brought me up short when I saw I was wrong and then realized the thought pattern I had just had. I can guarantee you I would NEVER have had the same thought about a white middle class looking guy on a bike.

        I don’t feel guilty, I don’t feel like a horrible person, I don’t think it’s hopeless because I had that thought process. It’s just another reminder that all those negative thoughts about people of color are in my brain without my consent. It’s my job to recognize them and not act on them.

        That’s what I want from white people. To own that we all have these thoughts (because it’s almost literally IMPOSSIBLE not to have them) and acknowledge that we may be acting them out in ways that we don’t realize on people of color. The only cost of doing that is humility but the price of not doing it is continuing to hurt people of color and perpetuate the racism that’s already running rampant in our society.

        • I am a black woman and I agree that I sometimes have thoughts about white people that I have to re-arrange, sort through, and assess. Let me be clear, I never think of killing white folk just because they are white but I do find myself feeling like “that only happened because they were white.” In a lot of instances, this is a true statement. The problem is that it is not ALWAYS true, hence the need for assessment. The other thought process that I have had to consistently work on was feeling that the “white folk” I know and associate with really don’t like me for real and are harboring resentments that I am not aware of. I came face to face with this when a white associate said to me, Bianca, maybe, you focus on being black in America too much. Maybe not all white people focus on your blackness and maybe they just like you.THAT was a powerful statement because having to admit that I focused on being black TOO much had never even registered as a thought. At that moment I was forced to realize that there were areas of my life where I probably did worry to much about my “blackness.” I had already known that I grew up in an environment where it was understood to always be careful of white folk because they would only try and hurt me as they were all prejudice. My mother never told me those words directly but I listened as she and her siblings talked about different things that were occurring at work…..like her training all the young white women but never being selected for the promotion herself. Or, having a boss who overtly dismissed any claims of mistreatment on her part. And the worst one of all, the assumption that only the black folk could handle the unruly black clients. This coupled with the fact that my grandfather, who was considered a “good “N” word as he sharecropped had watched one too many lynchings of black men; settled for me an unconscious understanding that I could not be liked by white folks. Even when they
          (meaning white folk) acted contrary to that assessment. This was a struggle for me and still is at times. I however have grown tremendously in my understanding of myself and as a result, it has given me reason to give credence to the possibility that we all think, react and assume based on our life experience. The fact that we are alive and breathing means that we can work another day, another hour, another minute at clearing up our misconceptions and become better human beings in the process. I am working everyday to clear up my misconceptions, to bridle my tongue, and to represent me as the best living example of humanity at its finest. This is a work in progress and it should be noted that I may fail at times but I will work to minimize the damage by staying true to the concept that we are all “one flesh” existing in different forms, hues, shapes, and sizes.

        • QUEENIE

          Wow, for the first time in like, forever…. between the poster Eddie Hatcher and this Jamie… I have faith that (at least 2) white people are “getting it…

      • I think the point is, that while there may not have been any “formal” teaching, even according to your post, you have been “taught” by a racist society. Teaching doesn’t always happen in the classroom.

    • Jaime, Kudos! You and others who, like you, face the issue squarely on are a part of the hope for this nation.


      HEAR, HEAR, Jamie… I hope Rebekah does listen to what you’ve said…

  6. WTF

    I think I just vomited in my mouth!

  7. I think this is one of the most honest, heartfelt, realistic views I have ever read. Its truly from a place that most of us would never have thought about. As a Black woman born and raised in the South I understand this inherent subconscious thought process. I just find it very poignant seeing in coming from a White man!
    Thanks for this and Im going to share it on my pages as well…. Be Blessed…

  8. Thank you so much for this post, it takes much courage to be this open.

  9. You’ve done something that most humans of any color can not do, suppress your egocentric bias and critique yourself honestly. Suppressing one’s ego is the ONLY way do defeat racism within one’s self. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  10. Jana

    Thank you for your courage and honesty. My painful question over and over, is rather than shoot Trayvon, why didn’t Zimmerman engage him as a human being? Such as, introduce himself, let Trayvon know he was there to help the neighborhood, etc. But Zimmerman couldn’t do that because he looked upon Trayvon as someone to fear, despise, and to “take on” and to destroy. Racial fear and hate is deadly as history has shown us again and again.

    • Pat

      And apparently its been reported after the fact that Zimmerman was on ADHD medication , which makes one irritable. But that evidence was withheld from the hearings.

  11. Toni

    Wow…simply amazing. Im speechless, thank you for this post…i learned so much. Love and peace

  12. mary

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts …..sending you love,this is not your fault at all. when you was a child you acted like a child now that you are a grown up you are doing great…

  13. Eli Rae

    This article gave me cold chills! What a courageous, honest and heart-felt description. As a black woman I cannot begin to tell you how it makes me feel to always be looked at as a criminal out in public based off of fear. I am fearful now for my kind, sweet young black man that I am raising in this world to be judged and ridiculed before they even know his name. This article should be shared with the world so that everyone can have an understanding of how it starts, so we can figure out how to end it. Thank you for this article!

  14. barrel morel

    juror b37 said they use the stand your grouns to free Zimmerman

    • Beezie from NY

      she said many things, clueless things but I can understand that, sheltered individuals can only know what they know.

  15. Beezie from NY

    Love is the answer to every question. LOVE

  16. Live

    You’re very brave. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some clarity with your struggle. May God continue to bless you moving forward.

  17. We've been "Blindsided" again

    Thank you. So who really is “Playing the race card”?

  18. I just want to say thanks! It’s refreshing to see people being self-reflective, it’s refreshing to see people challenging themselves and in that process challenging others to take a different look at what it actually is and means to be racist and engaged in anti-racist practice.

    I hope your courage opens doors for other people to look deeper into what racism actually is and what it actually means to acknowledge that our cultures and countries have built in institutionalized racist elements to them that we need to keep reflecting on and keep challenging.

  19. Ike

    I can not begin to describe the amount of respect I have for you for writing this. Takes courage and much wisdom. #Appreciated

  20. Truth -IS- Reckoning

    RACE BASED FEAR and ignorance is the worst TREASON to co-sign AGAINST God’s humanity..

    We’re are not born with prejudice, bigotry, racism.. WE’re TAUGHT it.. it’s blind fate promoting HATRED to a level of targeting, tracking and chasing down and killing out of fear… The KKK thought us this as being LAWFUL once upon a time in america; nothing changed in that regard but the laws SOMEWHAT of said era AFTER the civil rights movement. The KKK is still here as their first amendments rights.. still burning crosses and wearing white hoods hiding their faces..However, there’s an abridged version of the KKK now as like similar before.. when the KKK were allowed to intentional commit TERRORISM..lynching, burning african AMERICANS alive.. NOW its infiltrated in our legislature at a different level similar to the past…its legislation.. unadulterated race based legislation (laws).. which gives anyone with a Gun legally to PROFILE, LIE, start provocation, shot and claim SYG or self defense as the aggressor.. tracking-chasing and shot first and tell your story LATER…and hope its sticks..the LAW allows this as written.

    if Zimmerman had any love in his heart, he would not have pursued a African AMERICAN teenager out of FEAR…a teenager we now know was unarmed, ran from zimmerman and was chased down in to provocation. Is that self defense? And certainly not SYG by a long short..

  21. Yvonne

    Very sincere and caring, with that type of awaking happens good things will happen for you, now become pro-active in the fight for injustice of all.

  22. The amount of profound ignorance splattered on this page is stunning. I understand that you white-guilt sufferers would absolutely LOVE to think that this soliloquy applies to all white devils, because it takes a little bit of the sting out of your own filthy racism that you project onto others. This racist doesn’t speak for me, and I doubt that his self-described racist tendencies, blatant and subtle alike, apply to MOST normal, white people. I don’t lock my car doors or roll up my windows when a black person or any other person walks by … the last thing I think about when I sit down and eat at a community table is the skin color of my fellow diners … I’d take a bullet for my black family members … not only do interracial relationships not bother me, I have been in them … I don’t equate my past victimization due to racism as being perpetrated by others that look like the perpetrator … . You see, as long as you stupid, white-guilt sufferers keep perpetuating the false narrative that all white people think like you (filthy racists), then most people will keep thinking that all white people think like you. Well, we don’t, so knock of the lies and misinformation, you filthy, white racists, and project your own feelings of racism and inadequacy elsewhere.

    • No where did he say that others think like him. This was a personal account with no comment on how others should feel. Why are you challenged by it?

    • Mark

      I see how you feel the way you do, I don’t think he was saying his story as a reflection of white society but of him only, I don’t believe for a second all whites are bigots and at the same token I can’t understand why people can’t see this young man stood his ground

  23. Taylor

    Thank you for being so transparent and revealing a perspective that many do not have the courage to do so.

  24. Sabrina Taylor

    You brought me to tears. I never grew up around racism in Long Beach, Ca. But growing up I was taught that white people fear us because of the color of our skin but I just didn’t understand why. I loved all my Mexican, Vietnamese, whites, blacks, samoan, indian, filipino, japanese and chinese friend… and not to mention all the mixed races. I thank you for those kind words sir.I was giving up hope for this world. We are all human beings trying to survive.

  25. puffidredz

    powerful. thanks for sharing. racism comes from letting the fear of the unknown get replaced by anecdotal evidence, stereotypes and rumors which overtake our logical thinking. it doesn’t matter how many of that race you hang around or even brought up with, you can even be racist to your own race. i think if more people just admit they are racists and everyone discusses their fears of each other and stop bottling it up so they aren’t looked down upon, then we can move on in this country. racism is a hindrance to progression. ignoring a problem is a very bad way to handle it because it only leads to the people(s) panicking one day and exploding (which is may have happened subconsciously with Zimmerman).

  26. keven owens

    For year’s the black man has tryed,most often, unsuccessful to have real dialogue with the white man through our music and our theater but the white man takes these messages as a personal threat on there well being, as we are only saying that we as a human want the same things you want. A decent education, housing,

  27. MDIWG

    To even begin to overcome racism, one must mentally illuminate “black & white” when describing individuals because it is a subtle way of promoting segregation in people’s minds based on skin color.

    With that said, Trayvons case may be a blessing in disguise though, because in all my years of being stereotyped and prejudiced, I never thought I’d see the day when I would read such revelations… it is a start!

  28. Thankyou 4 ur story , ur a brave man , i truely wish more ppl would stand up & do what u just done , very courageous , & u just made a new friend lol 🙂 , there’s so much i wanna say 2 u , but the most important has alredy ben said , thankyou , & we need more like u 😉 , have a blessed day 🙂 .

  29. Scottio

    The conflicts from within. Very courageous. We all have the 12 steps of living inside of us too. When we’re willing instead of willful, they emerge to guide us. Thanks for the share.

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  31. Jay

    It’s seems you took more than one step because this was honesty. What you may fail to realize is that you have choices and it’s up to you to choose how you feel. You just need to know that there are good people and bad peopleof every shade…that’s it…that’s all.

  32. I commend you for your honesty and courage. These types of conversations will do nothing but help heal OUR land. Because of your character that you have shown through your actions and thought. I wouldn’t call you a Racist, I would call you HUMAN. and that OK. I am HUMAN too flaws and all. Peace of mind to you and yours.

  33. Dear Eddie, you are a most beautiful anti-racist racist! We have only to struggle for truth in life, including racism, and we shall all overcome! “Thank you for your willingness to seek and know truth.

  34. I was very moved by this young man’s testimony. It takes courage to combat fear, it takes intelligence to overcome stupidity and it takes time and the forementioned to rid oneselve of institutionalized racism if at all possible. That is dependent on the person. While Blacks are being taught that they are inferior, Whites are being taught that they are superior. These are the complexes being nutured in our young lives through stereotypes and miseducation. I applaude this young man’s ability to see past the fear propaganda set into motion years before his existence. Everyone who changes their mind about being racist makes this world a little better and saves the life of a potential victim. May you find peace and be able to put your issue to rest. I think you have.

  35. this was a brave story, i salute you on the changes and out look of the situtation when i read the tittle i thought it was going to be a crazy story but thank you for sharing your input but it actually was a great lession you taught to others as well -gotti arco

  36. Well written and truthful. If I was a teen being stalked I too would be afraid and fight.

  37. Well done, well written, well intended but let our guilt go and embrace the step you have taken here.,

  38. I guess you’re a George Zimmerman too. Were you there when Zimmerman murdered this child????? I don’t think so. How would you feel if he murdered your son. Regardless of race. It doesn’t justify being preyed on and murdered.

  39. Sunshine Royal

    Who said Trayvon made it home and then went back to confront Zimmerman? I know Trayvon didn’t say it. Zimmerman told Dispatch that those “Punks”/”Freaking Assholes” always get away. That night, he made sure Trayvon Benjamin Martin, an unarmed teen who was committing no crime, did not get away. But for now, Zimmerman has gotten away. For now.

  40. Manu

    Zimmerman’s guilt will serve as his everlasting prison, worse than if he ever got a life sentence. Trayvon is resting in peace, but Zimmerman will never have peace while alive.

  41. MIMI

    Trayvon is dead…and that should not have happened. Zimmerman is paying not price…that should not have happened either.

  42. sam

    As a 21 year old, I would just have to say if I was scared I would have stayed in my car. If someone was hitting me I would hit them back not shoot. And its like this to me if a man told me ”I am going to rape you” I would not open my legs and allow him to do so if you are scare and in a vehicle why would you get out… no you’d lock the door and sit there right? He killed this boy because he did not like black people. He is a criminal and is walking free what if he kills again will he get away with that too? We need to change our children’s future…

  43. MIMI

    correction…is paying NO price

  44. MIMI

    thank you SAM

  45. Phyllis

    Again I say powerful

  46. Shannon

    I give you the up most respect…that’s very deep

  47. Eddie, your story is very uplifting, you have lots of courage…And as for
    George Zimmerman he have told so many lies, and the one that stands out to me is that he knows Damn well that the calls for help on them 911 calls is Trayvon Martin not him, what the hell would he be yelling for help for and he’s the one with the gun…Yeah Right!! Lies……Regardless of who threw the first punch, a series of aggressive decisions by George Zimmerman led toward the fight that broke out. George Zimmerman therefore bears some responsibility for the altercation. If one starts a fight and loses, the result is generally a bloody nose, a fat lip, a black eye, a concussion or even a broken bone. That’s the price one pays for getting into a fight, and it tends to be a deterrent to starting a fight. George Zimmerman could have chosen to take his lumps and rethink the decisions he had made that landed him where he was. Instead, he pulled out his gun, squeezed the trigger and killed Trayvon Martin. by putting one bullet in that child heart…Then i heard that one of his attorneys said that he needed his gun back now more than ever…Why? What for? Trayvon didn’t have one?…I guess it ain’t no fun when the Rabbit don’t got the gun…. #Senseless.

  48. Eric Martin

    For the people that feel that Trayvon came back and attacked Zimmerman I invite you to watch this. It is long however this reenactment is a lot more plausible and meets up with all witness testimony not just ignoring certain witnesses like what was done in trial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw4utMiNido&feature=player_embedded

  49. Eric Martin

    I applaud you for this Eddie……. I’m sure you are growing everyday as a person. It takes a real man to own up to all you have said.

  50. Niecy Brown

    I too was brought up with a racist mentality by when some one showed interest in me out side my race when I was being abused as a child when I needed help the most the world changed for me entirely she didn’t raise me or anything but she saved my life so I feel for you and I pray you find peace .

  51. D.

    I didn’t kill Trayvon Martin. I feel no guilt whatsoever, as I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I don’t much care for how this whole ordeal has devolved into just the “white man” continuing to use racism to make sure he stays on top. White people are typecast as racist and viewing others as inferior, which is profiling itself. Let’s not forget that Zimmerman is only half white. I wonder why there aren’t any Hispanic apologists here extolling how awful it is that someone of their race could do something so terrible. Was it an awful thing? Yes. Do I feel bad for the kid and his family? Sure. Am I going to take responsibility for the actions of one person? Not a chance.

  52. Anna

    I being a 33 year old white female was raised in no way to dislike people of a different race, I was also taught that we treat all people the same no matter what. So all of you saying that ALL white people where raised this way are very sadly mistaken! I also was raised in a very small nc country town, but this was not something that my parents or anyone else that had a part in my life ever did. I have never heard any if them talk down, bad or ugly about another person all because of the color of there skin. So maybe you all should watch what you say!!!

    • Diana Green

      Hi Anna,

      I’m African American and I agree. I have met several White people who were very nice to me. I don’t like when people say that ALL Whites are racist. It’s not fair to those who treat everyone kind.

  53. Libby

    Wow, thank-you for your honest and heartfelt post. I too agree it was very brave and courageous to do so and your raw emotions of guilt and the strong desire to help make a better world comes through crystal clear.

    Your internal struggles with racism and trying to be a better person brought tears to my eyes, and warned my heart. I prefer a world of people like you who are trying to combat racism and all of the other
    isms than people who choose to exist in ignorance.

    As a woman, I too must agree that if someone were following me down a dark street, they would get a big drop kick, along with a huge helping of elbow and an ample knuckle sandwich. Nothing is more terrifying than being followed.

    Justice for Trayvon!!!!

  54. Libby

    Oops! I meant it warmed my heart, not warned. 🙂

  55. Libby

    Forgot to say, Eddie you are the epitome of what a great man is. Thank-you once again for being so open, honest and candid. 🙂

    • The fact of the matter is everyone of us have racism ingrained to a certain extent in us.. I known asian, dark skinned and black people being racist against blacks … the great thing about Eddie is that he understood that even you feel that way it isnt right.. therefore you recognise the problem you give yourself start fixing it..

  56. morgan lee

    I am 19 years old and headed to the Navy. i just have one question. why now?? why did it take this to happen to admit what we have been saying for yeeeaarrssss. We have struggled so much. We have become bitter and cold because of how people have treated blacks. we take that fear and use it as a weapon because thats all we have to protect ourselves but sadly that same fear and power has turned black ppl against one another. why do you fear us. we are as u r ……human. a rose is a rose, a sunflower is a sunflower but they are FLOWERS no matter how different but………………… I will still serve you and protect you, because fear and hate of others do not consume me. Because i was TAUGHT to love. Even your enemies. Maybe thats a good place to start. #colors.of.love

  57. AYGpeaches

    Awesome!!!!!you’ve taken many steps….honesty, sincerity, boldness and stamina…..as an African-American woman I applaud you and am inspired by you. As a teacher in the state of North Carolina I know that you have the wisdom and knowledge needed to be an asset to this country…Thank you!!!!!

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  59. Kent Banks

    Hey man if you want to learn a language speak to someone who is fluent in that language and you will learn how to communicate like they do. What I mean by that is maybe the next step should be to honestly make an effort to meet and befriend a black man with no other agenda except to develope a relationship where you can value him without seeing him as black but as your friend. You have been lied to and poisioned with the seeds of hatred, but I get the sense that even though that is what is normal for you, it really is not normal at all, for anyone. If you let two children, one white the other black alone to play together they may notice that they are different but if they are not taught hatred and fear they will love each other in spite of their differences. There is only one race my brother THE HUMAN RACE. Please dont let fear and hatred continue to rule your existence. You are in a mental prison and you alone hold the key to your freedom. Face your fears and take the next step, the journey has begun and there is no looking back. Good luck dude!

    • One race indeed my brother. The story of all the people I’ve met and lessons I’ve learned since realizing my own racism would be another, much longer story.

  60. Emanuel J.

    All of you are looking for an excuse to justify the situation. none of you know exactly what happened that rainy day in February of 2012. If you dont believe the conditions, look at obamas televised national statement. you are all looking for RACISM to blame. Treyvon was already up the hill very close to his fathers his if you DIDN’T read further in the story. 80% of ALL of you only watched the televised court sessions and ONLY know what you saw outside of the lines. READ FURTHER. All you see if a white male shot and killed and peruvian/african american minor. Don’t believe he was all black? Read further into the story. I, for one, kept up with the story from day one. Myself, not being a racist white male, grew up with african americans and have no racism in me and in fact, have at least 50% of my friend population consisting of african american descent. Everybody is looking for a racist explanation. Zimmerman’s job and duty was to observe and protect the neighborhood. Whether you believe attacking Zimmerman or not was justifiable under the circumstances of Zimmerman following him, thats bullshit. Treyvon should have entered his house in which he was already up the hill at. Alternate juror E54 release an interview, along with other jurors concurring the same statement. You were not there everyday and only know what your mind has a twist on. People die every day, this was only made out to be a bigger situation because its was televised to the media. Treyvon got his justice. Zimmerman was set free and thats exactly how it should be. Treyvon assaulted him on his own will and he received the justice from a armed neighborhood watch exactly how he should of received it. FUCK TREYVON and the people who believe otherwise. Read up on your sources you negligent pieces of shit. I;m tired of people believing an outcome that is unrealistic. He was murdered for a reason. The image released of Treyvon originally was an image/photo of when Treyvon was 14. Treyvon was 17 and over 6ft. A large man of his caliber could certainly be a threat to a mans life especially on concrete pavement in the midst of a full out brawl. Treyvon had no right to assault Zimmerman and if he didn’t assault him than Zimmerman would have never been let go because there would have been no battle wounds/scars. He set himself up for failure especially because Zimmerman was an armed man. This made it entirely Treyvon’s faul and own doing. Good day you fucking idiots. Read my comment and learn a thing or two or possibly three. JUSTICE FOR TREYVON! It was served. Zimmerman got let go for a reason. It took a year and a half but he got let off not because of a “hoke,” but because of his own doing. He is not around to tell his side for a reason.

    • Jaime J

      I’ve long since learned that when a white person says, “I’m not a racist” and “some of my closest friends are people of color”, that’s my cue to wait for them to say something ignorant/offensive/something that’s going to irritate the hell out of me. Sadly, that trusty cue was right again.

    • Rachel

      Amen. Thank you for this strongly worded “Reply” to the blog post. People should wake up and realize it was Trayvon’s pride which killed him – and not racism. I wish more people thought like you and voiced it.


      • QUEENIE

        Oh, you were there, were you? Or have you jut chosen to believe Zimmerman’s (the killer’s) account? After all, he had no motive to implicate the dead child in his own death, none at all…

    • yolonda

      It seems to me you have never been a victim of racism. Please stop trying to tell victims of racism how to respond. I’m not sure what your race is and it really doesn’t matter, just as man cannot tell a woman how to react to be raped, someone who has not EVER been a victim of racism cannot tell anyone how to feel about it. Either way it is a total violation of human rights no matter who you are where you come from or what economic class you survive in. How would you feel. Don’t create another character to play this senario out. Simply ask yourself if YOU were Treyvon How would you feel? I’m concerned about Zimmerman because if I were him I would have never gotten my scary ass out of the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Treyvon had the right to stand his ground just as much as Zimmerman did.

    • yolonda

      By the way just because you have Black friends does not mean you can be disrespectful to people who are victims of racism. Seems to me you are a to no person of color. You were good until you started with the disrespectful. Could have had great dialogue and learned a lot from one another, but you had to go there. You can be viewed as the perfect example as being a racist and you could never understand what it feels like to be a victim of racism. Yup this is the sick side of the situation.Feel JUDGED yet? And I Don’t know you at all.

  61. Emanuel J.

    Sorry for the typos but my statement stays the same. Justice for Treyvon was received, and that was acquitting the charges of second degree murder towards Treyvon Martin. Good day and Good Night

  62. kim

    Thank You!!! We all come from the same place, we just came in a different way. That journey is not just exclusive to white, black it is for all colors to travel. Racism is taught on all side. We share fears of other race too. Stay true to your heart.

  63. Emanuel J.

    Exactly! I for one, am no racist in any way shape or form! But justice was served, whether people want to believe the truth or not.

    • trina

      Emmanuel I’m a black and I’m not a racist I love all of gods people no matter the color. But gz should have went to jail nobody should be allow to take anyones life especially if he was unarmed hun. We live in a world wen people say oh well he deserved to die wow how would u feel if someone said that about ya son or you. If gz was black, or any color it doesn’t matter he should be in prison. But I’m end this sayin we need to pray for one another cuz its too many killings. That little boy did not get justices and neither did the beautiful little girl kaylee anthony.

  64. Sarah

    What happened with TM was tragic. I am disappointed that the media, POTUS, Justice Department, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have turned this case into a black white issue. I have heard so many people say Zimmerman is white. If that is so then POTUS is white. In Feb 2012 108 kids were killed in Chicago alone, mostly black and Hispanic. Where was the public outcry for them? One was as young as 6 months old. Statistics show that most black people are killed by black people and same is true that most white people are killed by white people. Is somehow a black person’s murder more wrong if it the murder is done by a non-black person? There is racism in every culture. Did the young lady that TM was talking to not say that they profiled GZ? Then there are the churches that are posting the signs about how you can kill a black person in White Amerikkka. Really? From a church? Saddened that there a few who are spreading more hate instead of trying to come together. The pastors are the last people that should be spreading hate. They should be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish this much focus was given to the poor innocent lives killed every year by abortions and the other deaths by the hands of the people of their own race. Maybe then, people would get a true count on what is going on in this country.

    • I must clear the air here, please understand that while you are correct in stating that racism is pervasive please note there is “racism” and “re-verse racism”. The ladder cannot exist without the precusor. Much of the anger and intolerance of blacks and hispanics to the white race is born of past trangressions of white ancestors. Both are learned behavior.

  65. dreddeddeuce

    More and more people need to read and understand this and maybe once people get over their fear, we can have real dialogues about what race means in this country. I applaud you for this effort.

  66. dreddeddeuce

    Reblogged this on From the Dredded Mind of Aitch and commented:
    Here is something about how we view each other from another POV

  67. Kathy

    I respect you.

  68. Aric Foster

    Deep words well stated!

  69. Mahogany

    Who you once were is not the man you’re growing into,that was the past.maybe it could of been lack of exposure to “Black men” and other races you cant blame yourself for that.As a young and open minded African-American,I just percieved stereotype rather than racism from what you described.Its normal to have an opinion and be fearful of thing’s you are ignorant of(in the past) I respect the character that you are building.Not too many people exculding race can take responsibility/self awareness that alone shows strength and that you are willing to recover. In my opinion you shouldn’t feel guilty for the actions of a cowardly adult male you seem as though youve been clearing your conscious so let him cope with his.yes its unfortunate that a child was murdered but his spirit will be at peace in a non cruel place.

  70. I admire your candor and am inspired by your courage. I pray that thousands will read your article. One who reads it has to come away enlightened about this intrinsic cancer that imprisons so many and impedes their progress on social levels. Look at the possibilities you may have missed in your life. Maybe you passed Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan,Mohammed Ali,Dr. King,and Barack Obama just to name a few all because you were grossley misled by someone in your past. Hatred and fear are born and nourished by ignorance. They can only be stamped out by knowledge. This my friend is exactly what you are doing and I applaud you! SALUTE!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Caroll. Many thousands have read it now, which I would have never believed. I am thankful for the amazing people I have met since having this realization and working to change myself.

  71. sorelle

    Waohhh it is very courageous of you to do this, and finally tealize that there was something wrong about the way you think and decide to make changes. Your essay is really inspiring and touching, i would really likr to know more about who you are.

  72. pat

    If more people would just sit back and realize this, the world would be a better place to live, thanks you, its never to late to change, I hope you can change the mindset of young men who feel this way.

  73. moe mman

    your a good man bro im glad u saw ur way wasnt the way

  74. dtate

    Let me be the first to ENCOURAGE you. Your candidness and willness to make even the smallest steps towards understanding is simply amazing to me. If we do not continue to have open honest dialogues with each other then this thing will happen over and over again. Don’t let anyone’s negativity stop you from continuing to explore ways to end racism. Let not this young man’s death be in VAIN…some good must come from it.

  75. Honest post. Brave. Thank you for your honesty. It inspires us to do the same and become better.

  76. Keltrice Williams

    There may be many others out there with the very same feelings, but aren’t strong enough to admit the things that you have here in this post. Your story is VERY interesting! You have acknowledged some very interesting points on the subject. It takes a strong person to admit their feelings on the subject of racism. I believe that, the first step in accepting and respecting others, with issues concerning racism, depends heavily on acknowledging your true feeling on it. It is then that we can move forward and respect can be equally given. I commend you and I applaud you.

  77. David Lunch

    Thank you for inflaming the situation even more.

    As the only two people who actually know what happened include (tragically) the deceased and the person acquitted of murder, NO ONE has a right to ascribe motivation, racial or otherwise, to the events of that terrible night.

    Sure, everyone can speculate ’til the proverbial cows come home, but making such grandiose and poignant analogies regarding this event with no basis in proven fact does nothing except exploit and exacerbate an already troubled situation.

    Was this tragic? Yes. Was it unavoidable? Almost certainly. But what remains irrefutable is that the jury deliberated, ASKED FOR CLARIFICATION REGARDING MANSLAUGHTER, and yielded a “Not Guilty” verdict in the end.

    Does this make the act any more palatable? No. But they heard all the testimony, saw all the evidence, and reached their own conclusion.

    Stop this. Make a better future based on correcting errors of the past. Stop killing the future by compounding the errors of the past.

    • Carol Martin

      I agree. Don’t use TM and GZ for your own purposes. This case ISN’T about that.

    • Rachel

      Amen times infinity. I couldn’t have said it better.

      This blog poster is weaker to join the “George was racist” bandwagon than to actually admit there are unknown facts related to this case. The jurors had the most information – as well as the law enforcement officials. Yet people around the nation – and around the world – are assuming they know what went through George Zimmerman’s head that sad night.

      This is just crazy – and the nation seems to be out of control.

      • QUEENIE

        He’s not weak, he’s honest. Just because you believe the killer doesn’t mean the rest of us do.. Those personS who had the MOST info about that night, ONE WAS DEAD, THE OTHER WAS FORBIDDEN BY HIS OWN DEFENCE TEAM TO EVEN SPEAK….You have chosen to believe that one… Quelle surprise…

  78. Well said!! I commend you for being so transparent. This kind of openness and honesty, coming from all of us, will be the catalyst we need to begin real change, restoration and healing between races and cultures. It’s time to do better!! Thank you!!

  79. As a Black American I applaud you. I wish there were more like you.

    Thank you

  80. kim

    This is the most honest and profound thing I’ve read in a long time. Thank you for being so open and so honest. Lots of love…

  81. This is possibly one of the most painful and brutally honest things I have ever seen written. Even though it may be brave, the guilt will not go away. But that guilt is not yours to bear alone, we all share in that guilt if we live in the south.

    • Rachel

      Speak for yourself. I live in the south, and I don’t have any guilt related to racism.

      • QUEENIE

        Rachel, guilt, remorse, anxiety, compassion, & empathy are all what we refer to as the “higher” emotions… These emotions regulate how we interact with other human beings. In psychopaths, the area of the brain that shows activity when stimulated by these “higher” emotions the amygdala, fails to show activity in diagnosed psychopaths, like serial killers etc. Your continual posting on this page show a remarkable lack of empathy/compassion for the feelings of many posting on this page… Almost as though you are completely unmoved by the death of a teenager… Are you aware of that? Or do you simply not care? I think we should be told….

  82. Sakeithsha Keisha Simien

    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for admitting how you feel, the next step is to talk to an African – American. We are not all bad ppl, just as Caucasians, Mexican, Pakastanians are not all bad ppl. For every race of ppl there is those that choose to not good ppl, it’s up to the individual to be humane, kind, & compassionate towards others not the color of their skin or even how they dress. B/c we judge (profile) ppl we miss our blessings. I still hear my grandmother saying you never know when your entertaining an angel. I will pray for you my brother after all we were all made from the dirt of the Earth therefore you are my brother indeed.

    • I have been working on this for years, but just now was compelled to tell this story. I am thankful for the people I’ve been lucky enough to know.

  83. I watched an episode of “What Would You Do?” a few weeks ago when a white male, white female, and finally a Black male tried to steal a bicycle that was chained to a fence. No one questioned the white male, a gentleman tried to help the white female, and the people who saw the black man surrounded him and called the police. What is that but racism? So Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin, and did what he was NOT supposed to do…shot him dead. Where was Trayvon’s right to “Stand His Ground?”

  84. Dirk.

    What a pathetic display of white guilt.

  85. congrats, you’re a grown man.

  86. Lyssa

    I’m a black girl. Since this verdict, this was the first instance I personally had finally seeing a white person explain without the denial what its like on the other side. And trust me, I’ve been consuming so much information following the news and the trial, blogs and the rest of social media. Just horrible in many ways. I think whats most frustrating is how so many people are acting like the black community is making this up in our heads. Reading this helped me understand much better that its not that simple. This was brave of you to post and I respect it. Thank you.

  87. If there is such a thing as winning a Pulitzer Prize for an article, or an essay, THIS HONEST ARTICLE should win! I think WE ALL should strive to spiritually combat the racisms we are taught from the hoods we live in, to what we are consistently force fed through the media and advertisement. The highest admiration from me to the writer of this article for the HONESTY and NEED for CHANGE in his heart, and the wisdom to reflect!

    Ronald Haynie

  88. Valerie Alkire

    Wow, I read this blog and people were commenting on it and thanking him for his honesty…then it turned into an all out war about the verdict again. So divided, so much judgment, so much anger, so much fear. The guy spoke from his heart… he is being the change he wants to see in the world. I call that courage.

    • Rachel

      The whole basis for this blog is a fallacy. Everyone is assuming Zimmerman was racist because he was a half-white man who killed a black boy. Maybe the problem with this world is people who feel they know everything – based on the little information they have.

      What takes courage is finding out all the facts before making public statements about a very serious subject. There is no proof Zimmerman acted out of racism, and there is actually evidence to the contrary.

      I actually read the police report – it’s public record and available right online. The report from various witnesses is consistent with Zimmerman’s story.


      • Without Trayvon’s testimony, you can’t put a period on anything.

      • jazmine

        QUICK QUESTION if race is the color of your skin how can u b HALF White is half of his body white and half another color ? oh and another thing i think people think racism because this grown man had no reason to feel threatened for 1 and for 2 if he felt threatened what was his reason for getting out the car following this minor and “confronting” him with a gun ? and only one guy, the guy who the real threat came out alive and you’re telling me it makes sense to believe his story?

    • Thank you Valerie, but it honestly didn’t seem all that brave when I wrote it. It was just something I had to do.

      • QUEENIE

        Eddie, it simply highlights: 1). The exceptional paucity of people (who, like you) making such comments 2). How very rare (brave) you are to look at yourself and openly admit your past race issues…..

  89. Rena

    I posted a link to this article on my Facebook wall along with the following:

    “For many of my friends from elementary school through college, I was the first non-white person they felt close to. I’ve sat down and had civil discourse with racists too. I’ve listened to many people’s stories over the years–and I’ve issued my challenges (especially when I was younger.) Here’s a secret–everyone is susceptible to bias, prejudice and judgment of others. Race is a convenient line in the sand. Gender is another. Sexual orientation. Social status. Abilities and talents. Religious beliefs… Everybody gets stumped somewhere. We all have lessons to learn. (I don’t exempt myself. Those of you who know me well understand where I’ve struggled and felt incredible guilt over the years too…)

    “‘I killed Trayvon Martin” is a powerful, vulnerable piece of blogging. But I don’t think the term racist applies to Eddie Hatcher. Racism is a stagnant pool. Maybe once upon a time Eddie was stuck in the muck and mire, but once a person starts thinking critically, starts responding and not reacting to issues of race and race relations (and these other fault line issues) then they evolve into their deeper selves. I’d welcome the opportunity to sit down with this guy from North Carolina.

  90. leah

    if zimmerman didnt have a gun would he have gotten out of his car and followed treyvon?

    • pretty teacher

      He would not have. Zimmerman is a coward.

    • Rachel

      No one knows except Zimmerman. Thank you for asking – instead of assuming the answer.

    • He most certainly would not have!! He would have went on to Target or where ever he claimed he was going…And as far as the Jury goes those 6 ladies…a lot of information will come out surrounding them and how sequestered they really were(won’t)!! It wil all come out in the wash. #JustWaitForIt

  91. ViLeatha Steward

    Thanks for sharing your story, I must say it brought tears to my eyes…. I am also a native of North Carolina, now a resident of Ohio. As an African American woman it’s baffling to me how an adult can instill learn behavior such as hate into a young innocent child’s mind. They do the child more harm then good, not to mention hinder them from their blessings…… I applaud you for sharing your story, and know that you have a ” Beautiful African American Woman, in Ohio, praying for you and yours……..

  92. racism exist and is genetically ingrained in all of us racism does not choose skin colour .. recognising that is giving yourself a chance that you have it in you but it is not right and you can work on changing your mindset sometimes you have been brainwashed since childhood and bred to think like that but it is not right .. that what people dont understand about it for example a black person can be racist in some ways to his own race by favorising a white person and not a black person in the workplace despite both having similar qualifications.. he will trust the white person… thats how it works.. not everybody understand that specially white people wont understand that.. You have a negative judgement on a black person instantly despite being black yourself.. whereas you have a positive judgement about a white person with the same qualifications.. despite being black themselves.. i can understand for some white people who has been raised in a place where racism where racism is the norm how hard it is to realise how wrong he is about something even if he is genetically programmed and raised in that type of environment.. how to realise it is not right .. and he needs to think differently about it..

    • Califia

      Are you Indian? Because that would explain why you are so confused. Indians created an entire religion devoted to racism — Hinduism. Gandhi was the biggest racist prick to walk the earth hated African black people (South Africans) and Indian black people (Dravidians). So go figure out who you are and stop trying to mediate between black American people white American people.


      excellent points…

  93. Afiya

    Many Blessings to you. An open heart leads to an open mind. Thank you for standing for justice. It is never to late to change. Keep sharing your story and help bring change!

  94. Jerry

    I mean, cool story bro, maybe you should spend less time writing inane blog posts and more time stopping being a racist.

    • I’ve spent over 2 decades now trying not to be a racist, and that’s what compelled me to write the first essay I’ve written in 12 years. Peace.

  95. Tyrone

    You need not feel an ounce of guilt, simply continue to love our brothers and sisters and share your story. This is a wonderful message you have for the world. Please write me. I would love to be in touch and perhaps connect with people and outlets to help you share more. tycham@gmail.com

  96. Marcus

    Zimmerman is as white as Barack Obama. Of course he could be racist, but it is not white racism. Or, if it is, President Obama is just another white president.

  97. pretty teacher

    You were honest and the fact that you have no malice towards blacks or any other race clearly defines you as honest, not a racist. As a black woman, I was taught to avoid the “homie types” and I did–and still do, not because I think I am better, but because of self preservation. In Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the fear of a stray bullet or a mugging is very real, so I try try to stay away from neighborhoods that are home to this demographic. Of course, I keep my distance from everyone regardless of race as well because I know evil and ignorance do not know color. I guess what I am saying is that if you are mature enough not to place a white hooded mask over your head, or cheer when Zimmerman walked free you are not a racist; you are better than that. You have evolved; you make your own decisions, and you do not delight on the injustice done to others based on skin color. Again, self preservation (even if in the form of fear) is one thing, but you are in no case like Zimmerman—he literally hunt down Martin and got away with it.
    Of course now, Zimmerman has inherited the perils of a Black man by killing a Black youth–discrimination, hatred, people clutching their belongings, living in fear, placing his family in danger; and I am sure as he sleeps, the fear that some random person (and no specific race) will get him is quite real. This is not you at all–you are better than that loser.

  98. blessedhands

    I love your words and I think everyone is guilt of this,- thank you

    • simply not true…I’ve been in hunt clubs, on farms, in country stores, and in gun shops where I live and have had a 100% opposite experience as the blogger. Many of the loudmouths on both sides have it wrong. Personally, I try to avoid all thugs, not matter the color of the skin…and I try to live, work, worship, and play with personable people, no matter the color of skin.

  99. If there are 11 more steps, stop saying you don’t know what any of them are. Surely with this expression, another step has been absolutely COMPLETED! You’re well on your way and further than most with this same disease will ever put forth the effort to cure. Thank you. This was healing.

  100. Shanedria

    You should change the title of your article to …My FORMER mentality killed T.M. You did not kill him. Your article will bring comfort and hope to many. God bless you. One day you will be a FORMER alcoholic…You can do anything! God bless you!

  101. Carol Martin

    Your whole argument is invalid due to this simple fact: Trayvon was beating George’s head on the concrete.

  102. Reblogged this on maryhallrayford and commented:
    Worth thinking about!

  103. AMAZING TESTIMONY! … I COMMEND and RESPECT the COURAGE it had to take to come to this CONCLUSION and to have such keen OBSERVATION of your own SOUL … GOD is GOOD My BROTHER … and HE/SHE makes NO MISTAKES! … YOU’VE already begun the PROCESS of “HEALING” just by being OPEN and HONEST with YOURSELF! … GOD BLESS

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  106. Rachel

    This blog is ridiculous. You have no proof Zimmerman killed Trayvon out of anything remotely related to racism and Trayvon being black. You try seeing a built man wearing a hoodie, walking suspiciously in the rain through YOUR neighborhood… Then when you confront him he gets angry- and decides to punch instead of run away. Grow up and realize you don’t know all the facts and DON’T have a right to judge what happened that night.

    Why don’t you grow a pair and get off the “We don’t have any proof, but we know George killed Trayvon because he was black” bandwagon.


    • kirk

      Apparently Rachel, you know exactly what happened.

      • Rachel

        Apparently, Kirk, I don’t know exactly what happened, but I do know more than most. I actually read the police report. I actually listened to testimony. I actually listened to what legal professionals say about the case.

        I am mature enough to realize I DON’T have all the facts. NO ONE does – except for George Zimmerman.

        It is frustrating to see how many people rush to judgment out of some subconscious desire to make George into a racist murderer.

        It is frustrating to see how many people discredit the jury – who were the six people who actually listened to all the evidence from over 240 exhibits/witnesses.

        When will people stop being know-it-alls who assume race was a motive that night?

    • Trayvon was 158 pounds. He was skinny and not menacing in any way. (Unless you are afraid of Black Men)

      Key point: It was not GZ’s neighborhood….it was THEIR neighborhood. (Trayvon spent a good deal of time there too)

      Non cops do not have the right to confront innocent people on the street and expect any answers at all. The premise of your emotional connection to how you perceive the story has the ability to cloud judgment. “Stand your ground” as written is the true cause of this sad issue. Jurors stated they wanted to convict him of something but the Stand your Ground Law as written blocked that possibility. In any other state, GZ gets a manslaughter conviction at the very least.

      Fear of the black male is unfortunate but real Rachel. Re-read the reason we are on this blog and you can see what Eddie is talking about. Deep seeded and institutionalized fear of the Black Male.

      What you may not understand is that in America, even Black people are taught to fear other Black Men. From childhood to adulthood this injustice is sprinkled throughout American culture. It is a remnant of Slavery and times since.

      The truth is because we “don’t” know, You also should to get off the opposite “We know GZ didn’t kill TM because he was Black bandwagon.” When the victim is dead, only the killer truly knows what happened and GZ will have to take that one up with God. The rest of need to figure out how to get past the fact that underneath our earth-suits we are all the same on the inside. Love and blessings!!

      • Cherise

        THANK YOU!!!!! Seriously, thank you!! That whole “know-it-all” thing goes both ways!! Because TM is dead, no one will know the entire truth. Just because GZ said it, doesn’t make it true or right. No one knows the truth except those two gentlemen, and sadly, we’ve only heard the side of one of them!!

    • yolonda

      Goerge Zimmerman is a liar who has superhero syndrome, and racism is alive and well but because you have never been a victim of racism you choose to ignore it. George Zimmerman was afraid which is why he had a gun at a fist fight. Just as George had a right to defend himself so did Treyvon who was beeing followed by a stranger. By the way what is walking suspicionsly? If Treyvon should have run home George should have stayed his ass in his truck. He initiated his own ass whooping that he so deserved. How would you feel if it was you that was beeing followed. Young lady take a moment and put yourself in Treyvon’s shoes.

    • Tali

      YOU said “walking suspiciously in the rain”… Exactly how do you “walk suspiciously”? THAT IS BIASED, coming from your “learned” point of view. What exactly was he doing? Because I read the reports and watched the trial as well, and nothing said was specific. So, what was he doing? Was he looking down one street, then turned around and looked down another street? Would that have been “suspicious” to you? Because, to me, it would have said “maybe he’s lost”… The disconnect is why people say Zimmerman MURDERED Trayvon. Juror B37 said they gave “Georgie the benefit of the doubt”. That is why he got off. Had Zimmerman gave Trayvon the benefit of the doubt, he would still be alive.

      YOU also say “Then when you confront him he gets angry”… What right did he have to confront him? NONE. Neighborhood Watch WATCHES. They do NOT confront. ESPECIALLY when told BY POLICE not to. If some one followed you and confronted you, you would be angry. Why didn’t Trayvon have a right to be angry? Not to mention the fact he was an unarmed CHILD confronted by an armed ADULT. I don’t need to have PROOF to know that CHILD was also scared.

      So. Why don’t YOU grow a pair and step into the shoes of a scared black child and see it from his point of view for a change. And maybe, just maybe we can get a little more understanding on your part. If you don’t, I understand. Cause it takes courage to do that. And I understand if you choose not to be courageous. I really do. Everyone’s dealing with things in their lives and white privilege is probably the last thing people want to have to reassess about themselves.

      But then don’t knock it when others have the courage to step out of the prism and finally see what people have been saying for years. Because all African-Americans are saying, is they want to be heard. This brilliant letter is saying ‘I’ve heard you, and I now understand.’ While your comments are basically saying ‘go to the back of the bus cause I have no interest.’ Which do you think is better for America?


  107. Something to consider is proximity. If given the opportunity to flee when a gun is yielded, we would most certainly take cover. This suggests that Zimmerman was too close for Martin to feel safe, even running from him. After being followed by a total stranger, let alone approached with a gun, Martin, by legal definition, was assaulted by Zimmerman. Having the gun in his possession should have had him convicted of a felony firearms charge. The fight should have lead to a battery charge.Obviously, Martin’s death should have yielded a murder charge, not manslaughter, as the event could have been prevented and there was clear premeditation, which by the way, warrants first degree murder charges.Did anyone even think to ask why Martin was shot in the heart? If Zimmerman had no intention of killing Martin, he could have easily shot him in a leg or arm, subduing him, if in fact his story had any credibility. Let’s not forget, he’s been trained, legally and physically regarding matters of this sort. He was well aware of any potential repercussions. In summary, Zimmerman, by every legal description was guilty of assault, battery, two felony firearms violations, one for the assault, the other for the murder and certainly for racially profiling Martin, a violation of his civil rights. You could also very easily argue that he discriminated against Martin based on age. His “punk” comment and the fact that many young people wear hoodies lend support to that. One more thing, Zimmerman’s dad was a “highly respected” judge in Florida? Need I say more? The verdict stinks from top to bottom ! Anyone who thinks otherwise, keep that in mind when you or someone close to you falls victim to crime. There is no justification for unwarranted murder !

    • Cherise

      I swear I thought I was the only one who wondered why TM was shot in the heart rather than somewhere less fatal. I see that I’m not!! Your point of view was extremely eloquent and intelligent!! THANK YOU!!

  108. Reblogged this on queer speak and commented:
    I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to blog about my reactions and thoughts on my white privilege and this hits pretty close to home.

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  110. Max Larkin

    I broke the dam

  111. Blue

    Thank you for your work on healing yourself. Racism is a disease, sweetheart. I want to share part of my journey with you in hopes that it will help you… on your other 11 steps. I’ve done work on my family tree since I was 10 years old. I knew I had African, European and Native American ancestry. Recently I have found some of my European cousins along with learning more of my European ancestors. It changes how you feel (who you are) when you see features that you share with someone that is “of another race”. It seems kinda stupid to even say that since that person is also your blood. It changes you when you learn that personal traits you have is from your great grandfather that was European. I’ve always been a love everybody person. I’ve always been around people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. But this information took my feelings and connections to (my connections to) different ethnicities to a different level. You’re from North Carolina, right? Well, you have a good chance of having some cousins that are African American. We could be cousins. Find them. Say, “Hey Cousin!” as you look into their eyes. Then see what happens. It’s really hard to be afraid of your family.
    Keep up the good work, sweetheart. And I will too. We’ll change ourselves and the world one experience at a time.

  112. Vince

    He who has not sinned, cast the first stone. Before you comment please check yourself. Are you placing blame or looking to resolve an ugly issue?

  113. Thank you for being honest.

  114. Avril

    Eddie, I am glad that you are looking deep inside of yourself and realizing that racism is a terrible thing. Where I was raised racism is still a huge issue and despite growing up with it in my life daily, I grew past the stereotyping and negative judgments. I am glad you have too and hope someday everyone can.

    I do, however, get frustrated when I see people automatically jumping on the “it was a racial crime” bandwagon. WE are making it a racial crime. Trayvon was walking in the rain and had a hoodie on. Zimmerman even said on the 9-11 tape that he wasn’t sure if he was black or not. The 9-11 agent asked him what race the person was for their records and Zimmerman said “I think he’s black”. He was not following Trayvon because black people make him suspicious, he was following Trayvon because he was in a neighborhood at night, walking in the rain, that had been burglarized several times in the recent past. Trayvon was an unfamiliar presence. If I was on neighborhood watch and a stranger was strolling down the street, in the dark, in a hoodie, in the rain, I would have followed and watched them. It could have been a 4’9″ woman and I would have still watched her like a hawk. You know why? Because if I was on the neighborhood watch, in an area being plagued by burgers it would have been MY JOB. If I lived in that neighborhood and Zimmerman neglected to watch a stranger on my streets I would have been pissed, wouldn’t you have been? He watched, followed, and called the cops… he did not approach the stranger because if that hoodie clad person walking in the rain WAS a burglar chances are, he’s armed too.

    If Trayvon was a woman or a Hispanic male this probably would not have even made headlines in the mainstream media. You know why? Because the mainstream media wants viewers and the more racist and disgusting the crime, the more viewers they will get. They even cut up and re-worked the 9-11 call to make it sound like Zimmerman was profiling Trayvon. People ate it up, because we all know… the media is all knowing and can never lie or stretch the truth for a few extra viewers.

    If I was in Zimmerman’s shoes *I* would have done the same thing no matter what race or sex Trayvon was. That does not make ME a racist so why does it automatically make Zimmerman one? If that stranger in my neighborhood attacked me instead of asking me why I was following them, if my head was being smashed into the ground, I would have shot them too if I was carrying a gun. I am a gun owner, I will shot if I have to if someone is threatening me physically, but I would like to think that I would be clear headed enough to go for a knee shot or something non-fatal. Then again, if I am being slammed into the sidewalk by someone that I still think might have been scoping out my neighborhood to rob it, I might not have that calm collectiveness to aim for a non-vital area before pulling the trigger.

    Trayvon chose violence over words and I truly don’t think race was the reason why Zimmerman followed him, or why he pulled the trigger. It wouldn’t have been if I was the neighborhood watchman. What if it was your neighborhood? Your family being terrorized by burglars? Wouldn’t you have been on guard and watching strangers in your neighborhood too?

    • Bernice

      Now Avril, that’s Zimmerman words against Trayvon saying that Trayvon attacked him instead of asking questions. We don’t know what Zimmerman was saying to Trayvon when he was following him in his car. Besides that, if he had kept his a** in his car, this would not have happened. If that would have been a 4’9″ woman and she was white or Hispanic or even black, I don’t think you would have taken the same approach as you would with a ‘Black’ male. Y’all white males need to quit being so inferior to the black males. They will not do anything unless they are provoked. That’s what I think happened. Zimmerman provoked Trayvon and got his a** whipped. Also, there are black residents in that neighborhood. A Black woman was Zimmerman’s next door neighbor. Can they not have visitors? If he had only followed Trayvon to the place he was going, he would have known that he was living or visiting there. Anyways, if someone was smashing your head on cement, you would be unconscious or out like a light. The little marks Zimmerman had on his head indicated ‘Nothing’. And if Zimmerman was yelling ‘help’, it seems someone in the neighborhood would have tried to help him. No one, to my knowledge, came out to protect him. They did not come out because they did not want to be a witness to what was going on. So, you need to face the facts. This is about racism. He was followed, provoked and killed like a dog. To mention dogs, it seems if you are a dog and mistreated, you get time. Read about what happened to Michael Vicks. Now, I’m don’t hate animals, and would ‘never’ mistreat them; however, animals don’t equal to man, not even a “Black Man”.

      • Avril

        That is your opinion, as I have mine. Neither of us were there, but based on the evidence that was given during the hearing I am choosing not to make this about race, YOU are. The FACTS set Zimmerman free because Trayvon had the bloody knuckles, Zimmerman had the bloody nose and marks on his head AND drag marks on his jacket. Prime example of how violence is NOT the answer to everything. If Trayvon hadn’t resorted to violence he may have been alive today.

        The 9-11 call made it clear (if you took the time to listen to it) that Zimmerman wasn’t even certain what race Trayvon was when he started following him… he was a stranger in a neighborhood that had been terrorized by burglars therefore Zimmerman did his DUTY and followed him, and called 9-11. If Trayvon had been a 17 year old white male no one would have given a shit, yes? (Maybe, maybe not. I am not a fortune teller) But because Trayvon was black suddenly it is a hate crime.

        Stopping the hate starts with us, I am ready, are you?

      • Avril

        “If that would have been a 4’9″ woman and she was white or Hispanic or even black, I don’t think you would have taken the same approach as you would with a ‘Black’ male. Y’all white males need to quit being so inferior to the black males.”

        -Yes, actually I would have. I would have been more cautious is it was a man no matter what color he was just because I could kick another woman’s ass, not so sure about a man. The inferior statement though is just proof that no matter how much something may NOT be about race, those who are not ready to move forward will make it about race.

        • Tali

          Honey, it’s about race. It is. Lets talk facts. The 911 tape said “Think he’s Black”… OK, what about the other 911 calls GZ made? They were all against “Black males”, one was discovered to be against a 7 YEAR OLD BOY. Also, what race was the burglar breaking into apartments? Right, we don’t know. GZ, calling 911 ONLY on Black males? That means he’s profiling Black males to be the burglars. Also, go back and look at the police report. George Zimmerman is Latino. The police report says “White” in the general info section. GZ was the one giving that info to police. Why would he say “White” if he’s “Latino”? Sorry, it’s about race.

          I applaud you for trying not to see it about race, but it is. And telling African-Americans that it’s not is like saying “erase this part of your pain and experience because it’s not valid”.

          If you really want to be part of the discussion, if you really want to heal the pain, why no say “I don’t see how it’s about race, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. How can I help it so it will never be about race again?”

          Because, according to juror B37… they gave “Georgie the benefit of the doubt.” If GZ had given Trayvon the benefit of the doubt, he’d still be alive today…

        • Tali

          And btw…
          “The inferior statement though is just proof that no matter how much something may NOT be about race, those who are not ready to move forward will make it about race.”

          You’re in a position of power trying to force people who feel they’ve been wronged to see it your way. And saying “those not ready to move forward will make it about race…” is the epitome of white privilege. You’re basically saying “see it my way and we can move forward”. You are telling people “Your pain is wrong and you will never move forward until you see your pain is wrong.”

          How is that healing? Why would anyone want to “move forward” with you?

          Maybe to say that you might not understand people’s pain, or don’t understand how it’s about race, but that you are willing to listen, might be a better draw to some sort of common understanding. Or even a “I don’t think it’s about race, but I understand how others may feel that. What can I do to help it never be about race again?” Might even work.

          Because so far, while very intelligently written, your comments come across as shaming people for their pain. Even though you might not understand it, the pain is real. And shaming people for it does not help people move forward.

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  116. Cynthia

    You have become the Librarian..,posting here all of the why’s and standing up for the just.

    • I really had no idea how many people this would reach. I guess I underestimated my own ability to make a difference in the world. I wish I could find that librarian and tell her what a difference she made in my life.

  117. Very courageous post, and very well recieved. A Point about the N-word. Black People don’t use that word to describe themselves, black Americans do, and only them, and I wish they would stop – there is no excuse.

  118. If Zimmerman was so afraid, he should have kept his a** in the car… that part do not make sense.

  119. Precious

    You’re awesome!!!!

  120. merri

    Happy you are trying to be a better person. It must be hard living with fear and hate everyday of your life. I hope you win the battle and your disease doesn’t come back. To me racism and bigotry are a cancer that eats at your brain

  121. The only mistake Zimmerman made in his head is getting the police involved to early. ..He was going to murder young Martin that night because he thought he was going to be Hero. ..Because thats how its done. .he forgot that must times its done covertly under the Headline that it was a drug dealer or drug deal gone bad..Gang related or the all to familiar one black on black crime. ..He thought he was going to be a Hero. ..Society has Brainwashed that Fool into Thinking in these Days an Times it is. Okay to just Walk up to a Black Man and Murder him. .Sad But True. ..

    • Avril

      Oooooh You’re a psychic! Fantastic because I could really use some advice on what color carpet I should get. Seeing as how you know what Zimmerman was thinking, surely you can see into my future and help me pick the perfect carpet to go with my décor.

      • qt

        I’ve read many responses to the Initial post and I must ag ree that everyone is entitled to their opinion so y da name calling. I can’t say whether r not it was about race but as I stated before he was Definitely Profiled. Tainted EVIDeNCE r not HE SAID THOSE PUNKS ALWAYS gET AWAY. He was profiled as a burglar. Funny I haven’t heard n e of GZ supporters agree to dat but clearly points out what TM did. NEITHER 1of us was there and my mind is not closed but I have common sense if ur head is slammed repeatedly on concrete u would need stitches r b unconscious. If a big tall 17yr old is on top of u stradeling u and has ir arms pinned down how do u reach for a weapon. ON NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH U R NOT PERMITTED RO CARRY A GUN WHILE ON DUTU Y DID HE HAVE IT. If were fonna deal with facts lets do dat. Because neither of us was there u c how easy it is to make a case “GIVEN DA INFO DA DEFENSE GAVE”

  122. qt

    Rachel u seem to b GZ’s spokesperson. U r right about one thing we don’t know if he is racist BUT HE DID PROFILE TM b cuz of past incidents and who alledgedly committed them wtbs DIS IS N FACT HOW SOME PPL DAT R REPLYING IS FORMING THEIR OPINION. U said ppl r making judgements with little evidence then is it safe to say DAT U R 2. U WERE NOT THERE. WHAT MALES GZ TRUTH TRUE. Since were speaking on EVIDENCE it has been proven he is a LIAR. What makes his word bond. I won’t say a racist but I will say if it was not for his FATHER CONNECTION DA OUTCOME WOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DIFFERENT AND U KNOW IT. He had a past just as dey tried to try TM past. His friend Taffee If I’m spelling it correctly KNEW da verdict before DA VIEWERS AND TM PARENTS DID. COINCEDENCE? I think not.. Facts I won’t speak on was not there but da same way u feel ur OPINION to justify GZ u have to respect others fact to justify TM. U r not big on respecting others opinion I c. All we have r what we were told and whether u fo by Defense theory Prosecutors theory r ur own NOBODY KNOWS DA TRUTH BUT GZ AND TM.

  123. Very well said. This country needs more people to reflect upon these things especially this day and age. Thank you for being brave, and taking ownership of your own thoughts and feelings towards this case and racism in general.

  124. Clara DeLay

    What a courageous man to speak honestly on such a difficult topic. In doing so, YOU have taken a huge step in moving forward on the work that we all must put in to improve race relations. Thank-you for stepping up….

  125. Dillon

    Two thumbs up bro—you are a brave man to write, let alone think the way you do today—-You showed there is hope in the world—thanks

  126. Rhonda

    I appreciate any person who can admit the errors in their ways. This has to take a lot of courage. I applaud you! The first step in advancing toward change is admitting there is a problem, you have done just that. I hope you take this courage one step further and speak to young people wherever you meet them, so as to create harmony among the divided. God bless you with continued strength and a spirit of boldness.

  127. lenitha

    Mark, he didnt make it hm!! In fact he avoided goin hm because he didnt know who zimmerman was or what he was planning on doing and he didnt want to lead him to the rest of his family in fear something would happen to them.

  128. G

    Unfortunately we have steered so far from the fact at hand. This young man has bravely shared a burden he carries and the weight that it has pressed on his life. Not for us to judge, agree or disagree with, but from his own experiences, he shines light on an issue swept briefly under the rug simply because it is 2013. Racism cant possibly still exist? The truth is, an era where there was a lawful inequality based solely on the color of someone’s skin was not that long ago! there are people still alive today who lived through that time in our country’s history. It is only common sense that we assume some of those values and beliefs about colored people have been passed down and live on today in young adults and children through hate or through fear like we see in this blog. Have we come a long way from the marching days of Martin Luther King Jr? yes, a long way. Do we still have a long way to go? yes, a long way. someday there will be a world where color makes no difference. Where its no big deal that a black man is president, it is simply another man. where people are seen as people, not profiled and categorized on notions that we are TAUGHT.. because no child is born with inherent knowledge of what to expect from black or white or anyone else. it is taught. and there will be a day when each race no longer holds themselves back. because we do. every one of us holds something as an excuse or crutch to not press forward, be it a derogatory word, language, the illusion of superiority or adopted stereotypes. someday we will all stand up and unite as the people of this world with one common goal. because there is only one race on this planet, and that is the human race. someday we will all start acting like it. for now, this young man has taken a step in that direction and I applaud him. and the step he took was not to abandon racism, it was simply to acknowledge something that was given to him that did not agree with his SELF and he made the CHOICE to change. he took the responsibility upon himself and is recreating a belief based on his own image of the world and what it should be, not someone else’s. we should all be so brave.. to be the change we want to see in the world.

  129. Dee

    I applaud your courage. Great insight to someone raised like you were. This was a great message!

  130. joe

    Get Rid Of This Bullshit. It Took A Young Black Man To Get Killed For You To Realize That Racism Is Wrong.. White Boy Please.. Get Tha Fuck Out of Here With This. It’s Like You Want Us to Feel Sorry For YOU. Delete Your Post/Blurb. This Shit was Published? Tattoo I LOVE TRAYVON ON YOUR NECK..Then Go Hunting With Your Friends, Go Hang Out at That Gun Shop. Then Tell Me How Sorry You Are.

    • Joe, we all understand that everyone wont applaud a mans effort to speak up, but in our history we have learned to welcome even the smallest steps from people trying to grow out of some DEEP hate programming. How do you think we were able to effect change in the 60’s and 70’s? Imagine the difference you could make if rather than bashing this mans efforts and calling him a White Boy (which is a racial slam) you could connect and use your positive energy to ensure that NO ONE stops trying to improve. Its time for Black people to start extending some arms to SOME of the folks out there trying to fight against racist programming. Meet em in the middle bro. You have to give them something to embrace. Otherwise why should anyone outside of your immediate family want to get to know you? God bless you bro.

    • Dillon

      JOE…give it a break……you are worse than the piece of crap that killed the boy. this man is saying what many whites want to say but can’t find the words or for fear of attack by people like you….get lost you dumbfck

    • It took a strong female black librarian for me to realize that racism is wrong. I’m a white boy in all the worst ways, but I’m trying. I honestly believed that I was writing this to white people, but I did hope that some black people would approve. I’m really weirded-out by needles, or I would consider the tattoo. I have not shot a gun in probably 20 years. I am sorry Joe.

  131. G

    Additionally.. I just want to say to you Eddie..
    I hope you find peace with yourself. the personal guilt you feel is nothing more than a continued opportunity to grow in whatever direction you deem worthy of the new you. Leave the past where it is and continue to find ways to spread light. When you do, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same. Let the MESS of your past become your MESSAGE for the future.. and keep going.

  132. Eddie, you are a champ for continuing to fight against false programming. You are fighting for your own life. The life that YOU get to choose to live. (not one evil men plotted out for you) I have nothing but love for you bro. Keep fighting because we need you to. We need everyone with a heart to stand up and prove that the greater good is to LEARN to love your neighbor. We are ALL on human family. Its not easy to embrace what we don’t know but it IS worth the effort. God bless you bro, and remember, YOU are a unique force in the world. USE your power to speak the message God gave you in your lifetime and you get results such as this. Positive growth. Have a great day everyone. Love to you all!

  133. Yes thys was a very brave thyng to do….Most folk openly racist or not and even some well doing allies will never admit what you’ve admitted!! And for that I applaud you!!

  134. Carolyn

    I hope that you have the peace of GOD, for so transparently revealing to the world, the sorrow and burden in your heart. For letting the world know where you stand, as far as racism is concerned, in all honesty.

  135. Te

    so refreshing to know that you recognize your dilemma and that you realize that it is some sort of sickness and that you’re willing to take the first step towards changing may you allow God to lead you, God Bless

  136. Brenda McIntosh

    I thank you for acknowledging the fear that permeates white America; it is unfounded.
    One LOVE Baby!

  137. Very Cool, some blacks have had disdain for whites, for no reason, quick to jump off the handle. It’s good you put yourself out there. The truth is we all should step out of our zone, and start enjoying a better life today together..

  138. Wow. I’m a Nation of Islam Black Nationalist and I could talk with you. That’s so rare, but as I don’t wish white people any harm, just want my People’s freedom? I GREAT-ly enjoyed your refreshing honesty.

    Thank You.

  139. DG

    This is such made up B.S!!!
    I love how people play into these internet stories ..
    The truth is most people dont value human life , less that of a young black man..

  140. LisaL

    Your honesty has me speechless. My heart can only say “Thank you.”

  141. Corrin

    I am a CJ Major. I am considered to be a pion in the justice system. Yet I and so many others know that for young blackmen justice do not exist. So can the CJ Pundits at the Highest Court of the land Pl look into every states convicted criminal justice records and see how many young blackmen were railroaded. Then and only then would you see the truth.


  143. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

  144. yolonda

    Thank you for aknowledging it. The sooner more people can do this the quicker we can heal. You are very human and I can respect you as a man.

  145. Kevin Forbes

    Facts: Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle when he was jumped by Trayvon-a man 5’11” weighing 158 pounds.

    Treyvon purchased Skittles at 7-11 before his confrontation with Zimmerman. He also bought Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, both of which are ingredients commonly used to create a home-made drug called “Sizzurp” or “Lean”

    Trayvon, in fact, had become a devotee of the druggy concoction known as “Lean,” also known in southern hip-hop culture as “Sizzurp” and “Purple Drank.” Lean consists of three basic ingredients — codeine, a soft drink, and candy. According to Trayvon’s Facebook postings, Trayvon had been using Lean since at least June 2011.

    Here’s one of the racially motivated “hate crimes” the Mainstream Media refuses to report, let alone turn into a 6 month story;

    “Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were raped, tortured, and murdered after being kidnapped early on the morning of January 7, 2007. Christian’s vehicle had been carjacked. Five suspects were arrested and charged in the case. The grand jury indicted four of the suspects on counts of capital murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and theft, while a fifth was indicted at the federal level. Of the four charged at the state level, three (Letalvis D. Cobbins, Lemaricus Davidson, and George Thomas) had multiple prior felony convictions. After a jury trial, Lemaricus Davidson was sentenced to death by lethal injection and Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas were sentenced to life in prison, Cobbins without the possibility of parole and Thomas with the possibility. Vanessa Coleman has been convicted of facilitating the crimes and sentenced to 53 years in prison, and Eric Dewayne Boyd has been convicted of federal charges as accessory after the fact to carjacking and sentenced to 18 years in prison…”

    “Christian and Newsom were leaving an apartment together to go to a friend’s party when they were abducted from the apartment complex parking lot. Christian’s parents found her abandoned Toyota 4-Runner two blocks away from the Chipman Street house the following Monday with the help of her mobile phone provider. An envelope recovered from the vehicle yielded fingerprint evidence that led police to Lemaricus Davidson and 2316 Chipman Street. When police went to the address on Tuesday, January 9, they found the house unoccupied and Christian’s body in a bin in the kitchen.

    According to the testimony of the Knox County Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan at the subsequent trial of Eric Boyd, Newsom was repeatedly sodomized with an object and then blindfolded, gagged, arms and feet bound and his head covered. Barefoot, he was dragged outside the house to a set of nearby railroad tracks. He was sexually mutilated, shot in the back of his head, neck and back and his body was then set on fire.

    According to the testimony of the medical examiner, Channon’s death came after hours of torture, having suffered injuries to her vagina, anus and mouth. She was raped with an unidentified object and beaten in the head. It was also reported that her body was scrubbed with bleach which was also poured down her throat, in an attempt by her attackers to remove DNA evidence, while Channon was still alive. She was then bound with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered with a bin liner and her body stashed within five large bin bags, before being placed inside a residential waste disposal unit and covered with sheets. The medical examiner said there was evidence that Channon slowly suffocated to death.

    Why wasn’t this Knoxville story, “4 blacks kill white couple” on the TV network news for months? How does the media decide which murders to sensationalize?

    James Patrick Riley says, “… If there is any racism in the system, it is skewed so far in the favor of blacks, that, frankly, it should be an embarrassment for those in the “race industry.” IT IS AN EMBARASSAMENT FOR BOTH BLACK AND WHITES. BLACKS AND WHITES ARE EQUALLY SICK OF IT. FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white. Just last week, in St. Louis three black men were arrested on a “kill whitey” crime spree. Was Rachel Maddow wringing her hands over that? No. As to the case in question, I’d have to look, but I would defend anyone who was forced to defend themselves — even a gung ho neighborhood watch guy who was getting his head slammed on the cement.” I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. THIS WAS NEVER A MATTER OF RACE OR COLOR. IT WAS A MATTER OF ONE MAN DEFENDING HIMSELF AGAINST A VICIOUS ATTACK BY ANOTHER MAN. JURY OF HIS PEERS FOUND HIM NOT GUILTY. GET OVER IT.

    Five cases of black on white crime people want on national TV

    July 10, 2013 —

    1. In Mableton, Georgia late last month, four black people allegedly beat Joshua Chellew, then pushed him into the street to be hit by a car. The four have been charged with murder.

    Because Chellew, a white man, was with a black woman, some insist this was part of a pattern violence and resentment against inter-racial dating.

    Christelyn Karazin is the author the best seller, Swirling, How to Date, Mate and Relate: Mixing Race, Culture and Creed. Karzin says many black men are not marriage material so black women should date white men.

    Karazin’s blog, BeyondBlackandWhite.com, is full of postings from black women talking about their problems from black people when dating white men.

    Says Karazin on the killing of Chellew:

    I have been warning of this for years, and sadly it looks like the ‘blacklash’ against black women and white men having romantic relationships has begun. And the violence isn’t coming from white people, it’s coming from feral, black man-child BEASTS who think they own the vaginas of all black women, for them to use, impregnate and leave to raise more fatherless, angry children who may or may not join the ranks of Blackistan soldiers hell bent on the subjugation of black women.

    Despite Karazin’s claims, a friend of the alleged killers assures us there was nothing racial about the attack: Says James Clarkson to the Fox affiliate in Atlanta:

    “forgive the sinner. forgive and forget. i personally knew the guys that are arrest and to tell you the truth the were not racist idk why they did that to the man though but it sure was not a hate crime so therefore don’t treat it as one.”

    Karezin points to the recent case in London of a black man attacking a black woman for having an inter-racial child.

    She also says that in Riverside County, California, the recent conviction of three black men (members of the United States Marine Corps) for killing and robbing an inter-racial couple was also racially motivated. So does the (white) victim’s mother. The fourth awaits trial.

    In Savannah last year, three black men beat and almost killed Andrew Quade. His black girlfriend said the crime was racially motivated because Quade was dating a black woman.

    One of her readers called for an “exposé addressing black men and their street harassment of interracial couples.”

    Starting in Mableton. Waiting.

    Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

    2. In Indianapolis, Glenn Beard is awaiting trial for the killing of Jarrell Tucker. Beard is a 56-year old white man. Tucker was 13-years old when he died last summer.

    For many in Indianapolis, the case is a mirror image of the George Zimmerman trial. On one side, Beard and his relatives claim that Tucker and his friends robbed and assaulted them on several occasions. Including prior to the killing. Tucker’s mom said her son was killed in cold blood for no reason.

    Beard is a convicted felon, just a few years out of state prison where he did time for weapons, violence and drug charges. Tucker also has a history of violence and theft.

    According to the local NBC afflilate, “Jarrell Tucker has also had run-ins with police. Records show that he has been arrested at least six times. The most serious arrest happened July 30, 2012 when officers took Tucker and four other teenagers into custody on robbery-related charges.”

    After Beard was arrested, his house was set on fire. Twice. The trial is set for later this year. Lots of people in Indianapolis — black and white — wonder where the national attention is.

    3. In Columbia, South Carolina earlier this month, three black people were arrested for the alleged killing of Kelly Lynn Hunnewell, a single mother of four. Hunnewell was working in a wholesale bakery when two of the hoodie-wearing teens entered and shot her as the third kept watch outside.

    There was no money on the premises. Police Announce Arrests in Killing of Mother | wltx.com Columbia has been the scene of several cases of hyper-violenct black-mob on white assaults. Often mentioned is the case of Curtis Strange, who sustained brain damage after encountering a mob of black people who had been stalking white people that night to assault them.

    They left Strange with his face beaten unrecognizable. Five of the perpetrators were tried as juveniles and placed on probation until their 18th birthday. The oldest was sentenced to 15 years. The case is documented in the book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

    4. In Knoxville, Tennessee, this case is an open wound: The 2007 carjacking, torture, rape and murder of Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend Channon Christian. The local media hesitates with good reason to publish some of the details of the case.

    With good reason: They are just about as horrific as even the most grizzled investigators have ever come across. You can find some of the details here, if you must. Horror of Christian/Newsom killings in focus: What happened on Chipman Street » Knoxville News Sentinel

    Seven years and six trials after the slaughter, the last case concluded in May with the conviction of all five black people involved. Even so, locals want to know why the national media ignore it.

    5. In Cincinnati, six “bored” black teenagers beat and almost killed Pat Mahaney last summer. They did it for “fun.” ‘Bored’ beating suspect’s robbery trial open to public | Cincinnati.com | cincinnati.com

    Two have pled guilty. One was sentenced to community service and probation until he was 21 years old. Another received a similar sentence after he promised the judge he would “focus on school” and “avoid negative influences.”

    The judge also required him to do a 10 page book report on Ben Carson’s Healing Hands. Another teen, while home under house arrest, was arrested again for assault after he accused of beating a boy and stealing his iPhone.

    Teen convicted in ‘bored’ beating case arrested again | Hamilton County – WLWT Home From WND last year: “They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust. “This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of the assailants.”

    Blacks pummel white guy for ‘fun of it’ In New London, Connectictut last year, six black men were sentenced after being found guilty in connection with the beating and stabbing death of Matthew Chew.

    They said they were bored as well. But several received light sentences after they promised the judge they would be good in the future. Not coming to a TV news near you.

    James Patrick Riley says, “… If there is any racism in the system, it is skewed so far in the favor of blacks, that, frankly, it should be an embarrassment for those in the “race industry.” IT IS AN EMBARASSAMENT FOR BOTH BLACK AND WHITES. BLACKS AND WHITES ARE EQUALLY SICK OF IT. FBI crime stats show that when there is a black/white incidence of violence, in 88 to 91% of the cases, the victim is white. Just last week, in St. Louis three black men were arrested on a “kill whitey” crime spree. Was Rachel Maddow wringing her hands over that? No. As to the case in question, I’d have to look, but I would defend anyone who was forced to defend themselves — even a gung ho neighborhood watch guy who was getting his head slammed on the cement.” I DON’T CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. THIS WAS NEVER A MATTER OF RACE OR COLOR. IT WAS A MATTER OF ONE MAN DEFENDING HIMSELF AGAINST A VICIOUS ATTACK BY ANOTHER MAN. JURY OF HIS PEERS FOUND HIM NOT GUILTY. GET OVER IT. THE SOONER YOU LEARN TO LOOK AT THE CIRCUMSTANCES WITHOUT THE SKEWED EYES OF COLOR THE SOONER YOU WILL SEE THE FACTS AND THE TRUTH.

    • The reason the cases you mentioned were not on national news for months is that the perpetrators were immediately caught and charged with the crimes. Further the blogs you mention that focus on IR dating are promoting some of the same racist ideologies about Black men as the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and O’Reilleys. Further you should probably research the Justice Dept. statistics as a starting point for your thoughts on how the justice system is skewed. Your research and correlations are flawed. I would hope that you would broaden the types of studies you include before releasing your conclusions. Have a great day.

  146. Debbie

    Wowwww Young Man….May The Blood Of Jesus Comfort You & Provide You with The Knowledge & Peace of Mind You Need. May His Love & Peace Hold You Real Tight. I don’t know You Young Man But, I Love You More Than You’re Every Know & I Mean It Too.
    A Strong Black Woman💞

  147. Mai

    The first step in overcoming anything you are not happy about and feel guilty of is to do what you just did! THINK IT, ADMIT IT AND EXPRESS IT!! Ur words are the beginning of your mental cleanse to eradicate the poison of racism that has been bred into your psyche all your life. CONGRATS on being the ONE to embrace and now move fwd in transforming toxic roots of hatred into education, dialogue, therapy, brevity in being open and so many more positive things that you can do to change. My heart is warmed by your honesty and I am sure many of us that have read this are praying for you to win over your lesser self to find the immense joy in appreciating and universally loving your fellow man and women regardless of their skin tone and culture! EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS AN INNER BATTLE WITH SELF. U ARE AND WILL NEVER BE ALONE!! Let’s win together and make heavy contributions to ourselves, our families and to society to heal the world of hatred all the negative -isms that exist. It starts with one person and the domino effect will naturally take place! U are and will continue to be victorious with this amazing start! “When we are aware that each moment of each day, each gesture and step we take, is truly mystical and full of wonder, we will live our lives with greater thought and care. We will also have greater respect and appreciation for the lives of others.” ~Daisaku Ikeda , Buddhism Day By Day Be well, live healthy and win right where you are my friend! Sending you light and luv! 🙂 –Mai

  148. This is so unbelievably raw and honest that I don’t know if I believe it to be true. How can I verify if the author is legitimate?

  149. Reblogged this on KeepItBasement and commented:

  150. I am truly grateful for this honest confession. I can only say that I see growth and potential in you Eddie. I grew up learning to love everyone but not all of my friends felt this way. There were people that were trying to teach us to hate like we been hated on. But one thing stood out in my mind. It was a fellow Black man that put a gun in my face and robbed me as a teenager. It was a fellow Black man that shot at me. It was a fellow Black man I got into fist fights with. So who should I really be watching out for??? These were my concerns and I know that I had to balance out my way of thinking. I asked God to give me the wisdom to know the difference. I believe he has done that because we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator!!!!

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  152. Nicole Elaine Avery

    What an amazing individual you are for sharing inner thoughts so many of on the color spectrum would not! We all have a long way to go to better hear and understand others who seem so different from ourselves. Thank God your journey motif included that patient librarian, but the truth is… She only sparked a fire to what had already been burning in that wonderful heart of yours. You will forever be in my prayers. God Bless and thank you for sharing.

  153. Gentleman Ranker

    If you have found something evil in your heart and resolved to repent and amend your life, good for you. Seriously.

    But no, you did not kill Trayvon Martin.

  154. josephreilly

    Mr. Z was in his right to kill that kid. And don’t give me that shit he was a little boy!!!!! I knew a kid in the hood that is white and before his 16 birthday he stuck up 30 hooker houses at 15 back in the 80’s. My point is the young Man can and do a lot of destructive stuff. Trayvon called Mr.Z a creepy ass cracker and bunch him in the face. then when trayvon was smashing his head on the floor saying your going to die tonight and go’s for the Mr.Z gun. What would you do? I know I would do the same thing as Mr.Z . its not white and black Mr.Z is brown not white .So stop race baiting this is not WHITE AND BLACK!!!!!!!! It BLACK AND BROWN THING!!!!!!! And for the Jerk offs in MSNBC they should be taking off the air! for race baiting assholes. Teenage do stupid shit all the time so you can’t BULLSHIT ME you Left Wing Loons!!!!!! Cut the SHIT out now!!!!!

    • Ericka Y'vonne

      It’s interesting how you name the two in your post — that kid/Trayvon and Mr.Z. You are clearly showing more respect for Zimmerman even in your writing, whether consciously or subconsciously, you look down on Trayvon as a person. That there, is the issue.

  155. bitbutter

    It sounds as though you were not fully informed about the relevant facts when you wrote this post.

    “Florida law says that Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground and defend himself if a “reasonable person” would fear for their life in that situation. No reasonable grown man with a gun would be afraid of a skinny minor, but a racist person like myself would.”

    The defense’s version of events, an account supported by the physical evidence that the prosecution did not contest, was that Z was pinned to the ground with his head being banged against the concrete by M when the shot was fired. ‘Stand your ground’ is irrelevant here, since retreat was not an option for Z.

    _You_ may have been (or may still be) a racist–in the sense that you believe non-white people are inherently inferior or dangerous, but you have no grounds to make that accusation against Z. For what it’s worth, Zimmerman was a Obama voter, a mentor of black children, and had a business partner who was black.

    Your careless post is responsible, in some small way, for fueling the angry mob’s misconceptions.

  156. Shauna

    Honesty. Refreshing.

  157. Ericka Y'vonne

    Wow, this post really touched me. I thank you for recognizing what you “are” as a racist, and I commend you for trying to change what your upbringing has programmed you to do and think. You are a brave person for posting this and a good person for trying to do better and treat everyone as equals. You should not feel guilty for what you were taught, instead you should take your new way of thinking and teach it others that were raised just as you were.
    Even as I write this comment I realize that just as some whites have been taught to fear black men, some blacks have been taught not to trust white men. Most people have been taught some form of racism and we all need to change our mindset and look at each other as human beings. We can not help our skin color just as we can not help our height.
    The bottom line is, racism is taught, it is not something that a baby is born with. You can put a baby/infant of each race, color and creed in the same room and they will not care what color the other is. They will not fear each other or assume the worst for each other. It is the adults that raise them that will tell them they should not trust this race or they should fear this raise or that this race is low class, etc. In order for things like this to stop, we all have to change our thoughts and we have to teach the new generations that everyone is equal and should be treated as such.
    You really opened my eyes with your post and I will share this with others because your story is real and it can make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  160. Wow! I admire you for telling this painful aspect of your life. As a Black woman thank you for showing me what it is to be truly human. God bless from one soul still searching to another!

  161. Collins Greenlee

    Thank you for your candid honesty. Praying that God will continue to do his good works in you.

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  165. Vanessa

    Wow! Your words speak volumes. I applaud you for opening your eyes and your mind. Just realizing the error of what you learned and consciously trying to change shows that you are a good person. Keep your mind open! Love peace and blessings to you.

  166. Devilish minds have devilish repercussions – which takes a lot of honest for goodness God seeking submitting in order to find yourself out of the pit of hell into the light of Godliness. Clean up your mind, body, soul and spirit and you too will be free of the deep toxic pit in which you were born in.

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  168. Merci

    Trayvon and I have color in common… but you and I, Brother, have heart in common. I feel proud of you, because of how deep down you had to dig inside of yourself, not only to write this… but especially to posst it. As a Copper colored person, I’ve learned that the understandings of childhood are meant to be re-evaluated as adults. There/here in marturity, is where we forgive ourselves for taking ‘their word for it’. Life is for the living, so live and treat others as you wanna be! And IJS…Yo white ass cool wit me!!!!

  169. Zakia

    Powerful testimony!!!!

  170. D

    I would like to question some points here. As to the Zimmerman trial, I do not feel I know enough to judge. I find it VERY presumptuous to take a stand on EITHER side, unless you sat on the jury.
    That being said, I will now tell you I am white, and I suppose you will now decide I’m a racist. I don’t care if you think this, but the fact is that I like meeting people of all races. However, when I was young, I enjoyed being a part of, and dressing as part of the punk rock subculture. People made assumptions, some justified, based on my look. I accepted this, as it was my choice. In the last decade, I have had three guns pointed at me: all by young, black males who dressed in the style I hear called ‘gangsta’. They choose this style as I chose mine, so if I have reservations when I see someone dressed this way, go ahead and call me a racist as well.

  171. Shay

    We need more racist 2 take ownership of their killing of a 17 year old unarmed baby. He got GZ got out of his vehicle with the intent 2 kill. So many try 2 say race wasn’t a factor when they know that it was entirely based on RACE. I’m not playinh the race cArd. Just do happens it’s the hand I was dealt.

  172. Emelder ONeil

    To believe it or not. My parents lived during segregation time period as children. We in our own culture discriminates among each other dark skin vs. light skin. I love what you said. We too not all still have issues of racism due our past history of slavery and segregation. My parents tried to hide or shield from racism. My middle school was predominantly white and Latin American. I went to my first predominantly school on high school. It was very different. I experienced my first interaction when I got to high school in basketball tournament in east Texas , when a referee called us niggas. We were upset but and voiced our frustrations, but my dad and mom still taught us that it stills exist in some people , but my dad told me god does not see color or race, he sees souls that are worth saving. We have good and bad in every race so treat others as God would want us too. Be bless!

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  174. J

    I killed Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman

  175. LaShaun

    This was not just brave, but necessary. When we voice our feelings outloud, it can no longer hold us captive, shackle, or immobilize us. We have no coverings, as we make ourselves vulnerable, steering us to face and accept accountability to make change for the good. Thank you, as your flesh makes you a child of God just as I am, regardless of difference in race. We needed your story, we need others to follow, & I pray for your continued healing……..

  176. Kinduvblue

    There is cure for racism- Honesty. Do not allow yourself to think things that are not true. If you do this, you will soon see that the myth of race will fade from your mind like all unsubstantiated fears do.

  177. Love you for this man. May god bless you for your honesty and bravery. Things will only get better of all of us step out from behind the shadows of the past and create a brighter future together. I appreciate you.


  178. Adeagbo Mudo

    I hope you coontinue to recovery from the harm that was done to you. You were taught distorted misconceptions about African-Americans. Your people have been mis-educated just as African-American have been mis-educated by a racist society . In order to be racist you have to to connected to a power structure that has the ability to pass laws and oppress a group of peole. Are you connected to this kind of power structure? I hope you continffue to heal and share your story. I hope that you are able to forgive yourserf. You have been damage by the society inwhich you lived. You were a child taught to hate and fear. I suggest if you need to to seek professional help.

  179. Kia

    Thank you so very much for sharing this. God bless you! The fact that you acknowledge your faults show that your are truly progressing in the right direction. Very courageous of you sir!

  180. Bravo. I may be from the same small NC town – grew up on a farm, lived an idyllic (though often clueless) life. My parents’ prejudice were a product of their own fear-based unbringing. Fortunately (for me – not often comfortable for them) I was raised to think critically. If something made no sense- like treating someone differently because of the color of their skin – I questioned it. I honor your courage and your willingness to be vulnerable.

  181. Samson

    Thank you for your courage…we should ALL learn from this!!!

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  183. BetrayedRosse

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-17479559 Don’t remember all this outcry at the time of this… don’t remember Obama saying ‘Shawn Tyson could be my son’… you’re all just plastic Neo-Liberal idiots who have continued to dilute the true meanings of racism and equality that genuine non-racist white people were managing to change decade after decade before your ridiculous notions became the norm.

  184. znaya

    Welcome to America – everyone in America is mixed with everything!!! I have white people in my family and white people have black people in their family whether they want to admit it or not. Thank you for your courage in putting yourself out there, there needs to be more on both sides of this issue.

  185. Darth Fliz

    Ever wonder if her feared for his life as Trayvon was beating the hell out of him, not because he was black? Zimmerman should have stayed in the car like the cops told him too, but he didn’t. I seriously doubt that he racially profiled him but wanted to make sure he wasn’t the person causing the vandalism that had been going on. What this boils down to is he should have let the police due their job, like they told him too. But people are blindly following the masses calling this a racial profile without getting all the facts. There are so many, white on white, black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic and every mix between that’s not racially induced.

  186. 1KCLady

    Your commentary is a faith restorer. Thank you.

  187. Puffy D

    Give me a break with this article…..What trash…Trayvon sealed his own fate All he had to do was walk in his house…tell other blacks to stop committing so many crimes and we won’t have to fear you…take some responsibility…I’m not sure the black community is holding up their end of MLK’s I have a Dream speech

    • Tali

      And all GZ had to do was “stay in the car”… something police actually TOLD him to do. Too bad GZ didn’t TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for HIS life. Cause if he was SOOO afraid, why did he confront Trayvon in the first place?

      And like no other race commits crimes. Oh wait, they do! They just know how to get away with it.

      And MLK said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Don’t know if the white community is holding up their end of the ‘justice’ part…

      • BetrayedRosse

        he couldve just shot him and said he had attacked him not actually checked him out, been the person ultimately facing confrontation then firing whilst actually being physically attacked

        • Tali

          Is that what racism is to you? A straight up execution?

          Today’s racism is much more subtle. It’s “facing confrontation” when he never should have in the first place…

          • BetrayedRosse

            you know what racism was to me in the 1970s? realising human beings were the same regardless of colour of their skin. not the fucked up neo liberal notion that everything that happens against someone of a different race is done in the name of racism.

      • Puffy D

        WAAAAA….Can’t play the race card anymore…A person of any color can go as far as they want..even become the President Of The United States…they just choose not to and would rather commit crimes…for such a small percentage of the american population, the black community commits a high number of crimes

        • Cynthia

          You CAN play the “race card,” sir. When Blacks get sentenced to more time for the same crimes committed by their white counterparts, there is a race problem. Having a Black president does not mean racism has ended. Obama said himself that before he became Senator, people treated him as though he was a criminal. Yes, Black men go to jail at higher rates than their white counterparts, but does that make us ALL inherently dangerous? If it does, then why aren’t all White men condemned to a life filled with the suspicion of their danger, seeing as they have been known to savagely destroy whole cultures for no reason other than that they wanted the land? I think that you should take a hint and realize that this is not the time to try to justify your beliefs, but rather a time to realize they should be combated.

  188. Cynthia

    This was an awesome article. You brought up a good point: this ideology was cultivated in you from a young age. I’m glad that instead of feeding this idea, you choose to attack it and replace it. And, no, of course you are not personally responsible, but I’m glad that you understand the place of race relations in this issue. Keep fighting the good fight and not making excuses like some others have made!

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  190. I think the first step in the healing process is accepting responsibility for your faults but not ones that are not yours. You did not kill Trayvon Martin. However the dialog you provide on the matter is helpful and the start in the ongoing process of healing that we have in this country. I love that you pointed out that blacks also use the “N” word. That is why I am not an advocate of this word….it is not okay. I admire your candor and honesty. I wish more white men were like you. Considering that we live in a white male dominated society, social change depends a big part on the restoration in our society is undoing the wrongs and injustices that have been brought upon others. Blacks have been abused in this country by whites and other blacks so that automatically brings distrust. I think you are right that there are many steps to this healing process.

    • BetrayedRosse

      white people embraced black minorities and continued to do so…the world was seeing positive change… then white neo liberal arseholes outlawed anykind of self appreciation of white culture. that is why this trial has gone global, white neo liberal twats whos very existence is what has created such negativity amongst social realists. we all wanted to live as one, now white people who so much as breathe any line of justified dissent are painted like they have white hoods over their heads.

  191. Courageous, insightful, intelligent, honest, ALL predicting a great prognosis for your healing which you seem to be pleading for. As a psychiatrist, I am glad to engage in a dialogue would be edifying, and enlightening for us both. And facilitate our collective healing.

  192. Courageous, insightful, intelligent, honest, ALL predicting a great prognosis for the healing you seem to be pleading for. As a psychiatrist, I am glad to engage in an ONGOING DIALOGUE which could be edifying, and enlightening for us both. And facilitate a collective healing.

  193. Diana Green

    Dear Eddie,

    Thank you for your honesty and courage. Your story brought tears to my eyes ! I’m African American and I love when people admit their faults and strive to better themselves. Not all African Americans are criminals, uneducated, or low life’s. Many are very intelligent and loving people who aren’t out to get you or anyone else. There are good and bad in every race. We can’t hate a whole race of people for the actions of a few. I went to college with a mixture of races, work with a mixture, & even have biracial relatives. So, I honestly love all people.Lastly, continue to be open-minded and open up your heart. Your posting makes me feel that there is hope for Humanity ! Have a Great day Eddie !

    • BetrayedRosse

      why dont bla… sorry african americans admit THEIR shortcomings as well?? its not all down to the white man to play the white man surely, thats what equality was supposed to eradicate?

      • Diana Green

        Betrayed Rose,

        I apologize but unfortunately I don’t understand your response ? This was my personal opinion and feelings in response to Eddie’s initial posting. Have a Good day !

  194. This was beautifully honest. We all have our internal prejudices, but the courage it takes to admit them and face them head-on is what most of us lack. I respect your words and the bravery accompanying them. I am an African woman, who fears for the life of her younger cousin because he is a dark-skinned African young man. It’s easy to lose hope in the midst of all that has gone on. Your words restore the possibility that maybe we can be honest with ourselves enough to learn to move forward together. God Bless.

    – Daniella

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  196. Steven Brown

    The key to getting over racism is to regard every person you encounter as a human being, not as a black person, nor a white person, nor an Hispanic person, nor an Asian person, nor a native American person, but simply a person.

  197. Jo Jo

    @Eddie. Thank you. I am a African American woman and I truly admire your courage. I believe a persons believes should be respected even if they differ from my own. I hope you know no one race or sex is the same as the next. We are all different. I loved your blog, it was very well versed. I wasn’t angry or mad, just a little sad. I hope that one day you get to know some of the black men who are amazing and an asset to society. They are many but it is so unfortunate that we only hear about the wrong they do. Have a blessed evening and continue to soul search. You are on an excellent path.

  198. jayrea

    awesome self evaluation. we all need to do the same. i think there’s a bit of racism in everyone. we all need to ‘fess us and step up. our forefathers fought for ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISABLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

  199. shujaa

    This is very brave of you. It reflects an unprecedented degree of maturity


      Go Eddie, Go Eddie! Just read through nearly 500 comments… Well done, your openness, humility and honesty have clearly touched a chord… Thanks for the explanation…

  200. Reblogged this on The B.L.A.C.K Media and commented:
    There is always more than one side to a struggle…

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  204. Lamarvelous

    Just treat a colored man like any other man. When they do wrong in your eyes or when they are doing right. That’s all that counts. Skin color is just shades because the last time I checked “white” and “black” in the Crayola box, they were different pigments than the people who walk the earth.

    We’re all the same (some are just crazier or dumber or smarter) but humans are all the same and it’s about time we learned the true history of mankind to stop all this stupid infighting.

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  206. love your honesty! greatly articulated and needed!

  207. o bennett

    How much blacks must die before they get to the point

  208. Pingback: White Racist Confesses: ‘I Killed Trayvon Martin’ [ESSAY] | WOL-AM 1450

  209. disco

    Hey Eddie, its wonderful you can admit your guilt, though your prejudice, and fears. I respect that you can voice your guilt in hope to make a change. What has happened to Black people that instills fear in you is that very guilt of how your fore parent, and yourself has treated directly or indirectly for not 1yr, 1decade, or even 1century, but for over 400yrs we as a people were denied the human rights to live, and what you see today, a little over 50yrs out of the jim crow era, black codes, lynching, and being able to enter the public schools you and your race as well as other ethnic groups that come to this country judge african americans as if we were extended the privilages as other races. Your generation is oblivious to the tortures that were carried out on black people. My generation the same is oblivious to the evil poured on from white people, we see the effects of jim crow laws, and firm laws put in place to protect us from crimal activities white peopl want to carry out on blacks. I say all this not to beat moreglt on to you, but to help give you a small glimpse, and compared to the hell we endure my synopsis is only a quick glimpse to why we are in the condition we are in. We have resources now, and we will eventually rise, but we still to some degree get tricked by a four hundred yr old enemy who claim to be our friend, then like a snake bite us. Some snakes are venemous, and they kill our organization, other snakes are non venemous and they anger us and every opertunity that snake gets, it bites. A snake is stealthy, and slithers up un noticed. I don’t want to say that you are that, but if you want to help our pain, you must go public, world wide, and fight like the hell your people have created to get us in these conditions, and then reverse your guilt. Again I respect you. I do not hate you, but now you have a resposibility. In the words of the street. (Talk is cheap)

  210. Gennee

    I Can Respect Any Man Who Speaks, With Integrity, Honesty and From the Heart This is a Large Step Up Healing a Racist Mind set In Jesus HOLY Name AMEN

  211. Nice try. I was raised around those same hunt clubbing, on a farm raised, in a country store good ol’ boys, and they would spit down my throat if I was dying of thirst. Save all your come to jesus for talk for jesus. White people are not gonna change and why would they?

    That skin deep guilt will fade the moment you and some friends are sitting around with some colds and some Black person walks by, and the jokes start. You wanna do something useful? Tell Black people what white people say when Black are not around. Start that blog.

    • Clara DeLay

      Not so fast! Obviously you have no interest at all in MOVING FORWARD and want to stay stuck on stupid! Hint: Black ppl can pretty much guess what whit ppl say when we are not around by the racism they exhibit. No one I know want to have it run down to us! For what purpose and to what end?! NO! We want open and honest dialogue so that there is mutual understanding and appreciation of differences, a foundation from which to build upon. Eddie has taken that courageous first step. You, on the other hand, want to continue the madness, I don’t think there are any takers here!

  212. Brave and insightful. The type of discourse our country needs on race. None of us are perfect, all of us are products of our upbringing and we spend a lifetime working to correct or deprogram the unknowingly useless elements of our becoming.

  213. Da'Shavone

    It’s a powerful thing when you accept who you are and be able to identify your problems AND CORRECT THEM!! Thank you for sharing your story. Many blessings to you and I pray you have peace as you transition.

  214. Q

    May God be with you Eddie! I too find myself questioning or seeking understanding as to why there is so much hatred between various races in this world….I’m learning to educate myself more and read Proverbs 3:5 daily. Keeping you in prayer, be blessed.

  215. Thank you for giving me something I had none of – HOPE

  216. Rebekah

    Wow!! If everyone would be this honest & open, maybe just maybe we could change things around here (America)!! Thanks for your transparency!! Change happens one truth at a time!!

    Peace & Blessins’

  217. Thank you. Really, thank you. I think a lot of people feel that if they admit to feeling like you did, they’ll basically be condemning themselves to the depths of hell for it. Racism is real, bigotry is real, but people like you who can see the fault and incongruity of it, and work to better your own thoughts and behaviors in regard to it, go a long way toward a solution. Denying those knee-jerk reactions in ourselves doesn’t do anyone any good in the long run.

    And heaven bless that librarian for getting the ball rolling and the wheels in your head turning on the issue. She sounds like an amazingly compassionate and intelligent woman.

  218. respress

    How do you do or say anything to someone knowing very well that you wont want that done to you and say you did not know that it is wrong. the very fact that you wont want that done or said to you makes it wrong and means you know you are wrong and should not be doing it to anyone and you know whoever tough you that is wrong hence you don’t have to it to anyone. come on people.

  219. DB

    WOW Eddie very brave indeed thank you for your honesty!

  220. I am very impressed with where you were in life in where you would like to take your mentality, I am a black mother and I have to say your mature way of thinking is going to get you where you need/want to be. Color has always been something that hindered people whether they are white or black when it came to befriending someone and or just acknowledging a persons presence. I hope you are able to weed out what problems you have with the racism you carry and I want you to know I am proud of you!! Thanks for being Honest.

  221. angelikedmonds

    Wow…..I appreciate your courage. This is what I’m doing. http://thndr.it/14YS82z

  222. yeshuabenyhvh

    Yes, I printed all the comments out because I want to read this thread in the quiteness of my solitude, to hear what all sides are saying… I will probably return here to comment at a later date/time, but I leave you ALL with this…

    A Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight
    that is going on inside himself.
    He said it is between 2 wolves.

    One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret,
    fearful thinking, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
    guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies,
    false pride, superiority and ego.

    The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,
    humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity,
    truth, compassion and faith.

    The grandson thought about it for a minute
    and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

    The Cherokee simply replied, “The one I feed.”

    ~ Author Unknown ~
    nuff said


    A glimpse of how deep the rabbit hole takes you mentally/historically/ethically…when you’ve swallowed the red pill that is…

  224. Forgiven

    Honesty and truth is the cure Eddie. We all fall short of God’s glory but His grace is sufficient and fair.

  225. Memee

    Great writing…. but honestly i believe everyone keeps confusing racism with stereotyping. I am a black female and i am guilty of stereotyping. If i see a group of white men i tend to avoid walking neae them because i automatically assune that they will spout racial slurs or try to rape me. It has never ha
    ppened before but that is how white males are portrayed in the movies i watched as
    hypersexed racist individuals who constantly cheat on their wives, who raped their slaves, and who murders their spouse when they cant get her out of the picture in the way that he wants. That is the perception i have of the white male. I do not feel that i am racist it is just the vision that was imbredded in my my mind through the media. I was also taught to avoid certain black people and certain lower class white people. And i have carried this with me all my life. So u see i dont think its racism. I dont hate blacks like me or whites like me. I just was taught that those that were not like me were subjected to scrutinization based off of stupid stereotypes based solely off of one look.

  226. “That’s real retarded, sir.”

    – Rachel Jeantel

    seriously though, that article was fucking dumb

    • joe

      Thank You Billy, They Removed My Post…This Self Proclaimed, Self Loathing, Cry Baby Wants Some Attention. Trayvon Is Dead. Because Of You. Then Volunteer to Go to Prison. Be a True Martyr.

  227. tim

    Probably the dumbest thing I have read. Skinny minor? You know Zimmerman was the small one between the two right?

    • Clara DeLay

      Zimmerman was the pursuer WITH THE GUN, so the “small one,” in sooo many damn ways, overcompensated for that! Trayvon was murdered cause Zimmerman is a little man…

  228. Hey Eddie!! you are a bro!!! Great talk man. Yesterday, I was looking at this white little kid struggling to sit in a seat a little higher than her, and I very much wanted to help her sit, but I couldn’t because I was held back by the thoughts of what her mum standing by might say or think or do. But all that is shit man!! we’re all bros!! kudos!!

  229. It is difficult for me to have compassion for this writer. I have spent my entire life in futility challenging white supremacy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49kraN3o0PM

    Yes, all white supremacists are responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin. If this writer had become a lawyer, would he have become O’Mara?

    And the jurors are also responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin. B-29 seems to have been the only person on the jury who knew in her gut what was correct. All I can say is she must have a lifetime of being told by others (those she works for, the men in her life, white people) that she is wrong and she has become easily manipulated into submission. She is very confused, as are most Americans, who easily accept all of the injustices that surround them every minute of the day.

    If I had been on the jury (and I watched the trial and am aware of the evidence presented, so I can put myself in their place) and had no prior knowledge of the case, I would have found him guilty of second degree murder and would have wished I could have found him guilty of first degree murder. Unfortunately, the jurors were intentionally chosen for their lack of intelligence and fortitude and the defense completely manipulated them, posing as “teachers.”

    • Clara DeLay

      I hope those who insist on continuing to vehemently deny the existence of racism, which in racist in and of itself, will at least stop trying to define black ppl’s experience and referring to these truths as “playing the race card!” Being black in white folks’ AmeriKKKa is no damn game. Hell, Trayvon Martin was hunted down and killed for simply walking while Black!
      Now watch the racists blame him for his murder! Guess the little girls killed in the church were responsible for theirs too?!

  230. Kymberleighe

    Wow dude….
    I am really proud to be a human being sharing your space. I am also impressed with your spiritual bravery and honesty. It took a considerable amount of introspection to drag these kinds of ugly to the surface and then to share them with all the world. Stay strong and righteous. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done for you and me and the rest of us. You’re on the right track and I really needed your story to encourage me to stay on the same track with you and others like us. Thanks for your bravery, for your honesty, your openness, and your willingness to own your stuff.

    You just showed me that people can change. See that….. you just helped a total stranger. Forgive yourself for what you feel you’ve done in the past. You’re atoning for that now. Stay vigilant in your quest to do right by others. Your good stuff will cancel out the ugly and help make this a better world. You’ll see.

  231. Carleen

    I am so proud of your candor and courage. I applaud your willingness to take steps to correct a deep rooted problem many Americans face. Unfortunately for this young man and countless others this effort is too little too late. RIP Trayvon and all our unnamed lost young men.

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  233. Kris

    Some people would say that it is not ur fault as in to why Trayvon lost his life to a senseless person. I find it amazing that you wrote this because this is how you felt. Like you I feel that something more should have been done to get a guilty conviction. This is not about race anymore, this is about getting justice for an unarmed child. And to the person who claims Trayvon went back to his dad’s house…. wow… that was no where in the trail dumbass… wtf are u smokin…. need to lay off the KKK bars cause you sir are racist… thank you come again……

  234. I admire your courage and honesty. We all have to move beyond our conditioning and learn to think for ourselves – you had a teacher along the way who gave you a push and you chose to question what you were taught and to learn new ways of seeing the world and the people in it. So, I hope you are seen as an example and someone who can give others the same push to recognize that we are all just humans wanting same things – love, happiness, a place in this crazy world.
    . Best, Kartika

  235. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1khJlTiBwn5

    A moving narrative of the events of that fateful night………

  236. Jeff

    ‘When I see the “black man in a dark alley” and that childhood fear pops out, I push it down to replace it with a smile and a nod.’

    is what will change the world. Thank you for posting.

  237. yeshuabenyhvh

    Eddie Hatcher? Male or Female?????

    because your ABOUT ME page says thus;

    The Overbearing Blogger is a feminist vegetarian anti-racist pacifist locavore tree-hugger poet. She lives in a little house in the Carolina woods with her spouse and a ridiculous number of books, cats and bicycles. [sic]

    several hundreds of readers complimented you, addressing you as MALE. So if perhaps, per chance you are NOT a MALE then you should have corrected those individuals, to set the record straight as any HONEST person would.

    I watched AMERICAN HISTORY X several times, and your plight reminded me of that Hollywood adaptation.

    While recovering from the attack, Derek is visited by his black former high school English teacher, Dr. Bob Sweeney (Brooks), whom he asks for help to be paroled. Sweeney informs him of Danny’s continued involvement with neo-Nazis, and that he is on the same path as his older brother. Sweeney then confides in Derek that he hated white people as a youth, but he eventually realized that hatred is pointless. This proves a turning point for Derek, who further distances himself from the Aryan Brotherhood and changes his outlook on life. He spends the remainder of his time in prison alone, reading books that Sweeney sends him. He fears that the prison’s inmates will attack him, but they leave him alone, thanks to Lamont’s persuasion. Finally realizing the error of his ways, Derek leaves prison a changed man. [sic]

    You need not respond to me, it is YOUR blog and YOUR home, so do what you may with my assertion. I just want to let you know that I CARED about you enough to DIG DEEPER into WHO you were, by navigating to the TOP left of this page and clicking on the ABOUT ME tab…. HOW MANY others have done the same???

    • He or she, it doesn’t really matter. After I made my post, I too looked and saw that the blogger was a woman, but that is of no consequence to me.

    • Carleen

      Only a vile and heartless human being would take such a tragic injustice and use it to build their “writing workshop” with bullshit. A child is dead. His parents had a lifelong plan for their son and in the blink of an eye a monster protected by Florida’s laws destroyed that plan. I pray that whenever justice finds him and Zimmerman is thrust into the bottomless pit to meet his demise you follow suit. Disgusting!

    • See the first line in italics: “This infrequently used blog has awakened for a timely guest post from Eddie Hatcher.”

  238. JanCoreyj

    Let’s just all be thankful that Trayvon was eliminated in his crime-wave before he injured or killed one of our children. I hope Trayvon’s parents have learned that to be a drug-thug is not an admirable goal in life, they both totally screwed things up. At least the prison system and the welfare lines will have one more vacant spot now. Ya see, good can come from evil.

    • Well, Jan, I am most thankful that Zimmerman’s lying, punk-ass is off the streets. Nothing scarier than a punk with a gun who picks a fight with an unarmed child, gets his ass whipped, and shoots the child. Yes, thank God his punk ass is scared to show his pock-marked face!

      • JanCoreyj

        Clara DeLay, Trayvon was armed with a metal can in his hoodie pocket and he used a cement sidewalk to bash a victim’s head against the ground, he was definitely armed at least according to the Law. I can’t tell you just how happy I am that Trayvon got a bullet in his heart for all the efforts he put into trying to kill a victim. Gun-Control is being able to hit your target. I would have done things a little differently though, I would have unloaded the full clip up Trayvon’s nostrils and then paid a visit to the drug-thug’s parents place to see if they had any additional threats that could easily be resolved.

        • The next time you walk near a cement sidewalk with a beverage in a can, I’ll make sure to call the police. You’re obviously very dangerous, based on your above statement, and can’t be trusted to walk the streets, WITH ANYTHING OR NEAR ANYONE.

          • JanCoreyj

            Elizabeth Faraone, the next time I walk near a cement sidewalk and if someone tries to bash my head against the cement while being armed with a metal can in their hoodie-pocket, I will cease their existence and will try to get a heart-shot like Mr. Zimmerman so expertly accomplished toward his predator.

  239. I have to respectfully disagree. It is great that this guy is admitting he’s a racist and trying to improve, but projecting his racism onto others is not acceptable. There is absolutely nothing in the legal facts of the case to indicate that Trayvon’s race was a relevant factor. There is not one single fact suggesting that Zimmerman is a racist. It is neither acceptable nor American to project racist motives onto the content of Zimmerman’s character for which there is not a single supportive shred of evidence.

  240. JanCoreyj

    And the good thing is that Trayvon Martin has committed no further crimes against any more victims because he was eliminated from his criminal actions towards victims and our community is safer, happier, and thankful.

    • Unless you have information that the rest of this world is not privy to, you should really check yourself!

      • JanCoreyj

        Carla, I checked myself and I am still accurate on the facts of this case, unlike yourself Carla. Facts do scare some people, especially those not very well educated on the facts of the Zimmerman case, or the Law, or on the Psychology utilized throughout this case. But, thanks Carla for proving me to be correct over your trollish misconduct.

        • There was absolutely nothing I my statement to you, Jan, that could be construed as trolling! Quite the contrary! I, too, am aware of the law and psychology, etc that is typically used in court cases. I am glad your intellect allows you to feel that you have educated me in the finer points of this case; however, your arrogance is sadly misplaced as is your attitude! Troll on that why don’t you!

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  242. Nitram Nimajneb novarT

    I wept when I heard that Trayvon died, just as I shed a tear every time I flush a turd. Get the black d!k( out of your @zz and be a man, Eddie boy. Martin put dem bangaz 2 the creepy-@zz cracka who was snitching on him, and got punked for it.

  243. Trust me, Debbie, I do not condone what that person said. Karma is harsh and I don’t have it in me to welcome that in my life. I just did not wish to have an ongoing argument with someone who did not care about the garbage she was spewing! Please reread and note that I did not say that; I just want that person to realize what she is inviting in her life by uttering them!

  244. Johne513

    Thanks so much for sharing this excellent info! I’m seeking forward to see much more posts! kbdfgfeceabe

  245. Johnd624

    An interesting dialogue is value comment. I feel that it is best to write extra on this subject, it won’t be a taboo subject but generally persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers kecbgeffgdeg

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